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Sinclair launches bench top fruit tester.

Sinclair has launched a compact bench top version of its successful on-line fruit firmness testing system.

The Sinclair iQ Bench Top unit is a portable fruit firmness testing device. The compact unit is designed to complement the non-destructive on-line system used by fruit distributors and packhouses worldwide.

The new system enables suppliers to provide consistent quality fruit. It measures the firmness of every individual fruit on-line at a rate of up to 10 fruit per second and sorts produce into up to six firmness bands. The system segregates fruit of a specified firmness and can remove unevenly ripened, soft or hard produce. It can also predict ripening times within the supply chain and can select 'Ripe and Ready to Eat' fruit for retail marketing programmes.

The bench top unit will allow fruit handlers to undertake simple and convenient off-line quality control testing. It is designed to support the on-line system and further boost fruit quality and consistency throughout the supply chain. The unit is aimed at growers, packers, importers, exporters, distribution centres, retail depots and major multiples. The unit connects to a standard power supply and has a user-friendly interface with digital LCD display. Fruit placed oil an adjustable holding tray is automatically rotated whilst the surface of the fruit is gently touched in four locations. The unit instantly displays the iQ value of the fruit according to Sinclair's recognised firmness scale.

A sensor within the unit's patented air bellow measures the electrical response around the circumference of each fruit. The elastic property of the fruit is reflected in a measurement on the Sinclair iQ scale; the higher the value, the harder the fruit. This reading can then be used to predict the ripeness of the fruit.

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