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Since you asked.

I've been applying for project management job opportunities for the last six to eight months but keep getting denials or simply no call backs. I'm trying to keep my interview skills sharp as best as I can through mock interviews. Any suggestions?

--L. Henley

Via E-mail

Yes, while unemployed, you're wise to keep your interview skills sharp. The fact is the job market is still suffering and many professionals, like yourself, can only hope to see a glimmer of light soon. It's important to equally remember that preparation and presentation are essential parts of landing a job. First, do your research. Research the company you're interviewing with and also details about the position you're applying for, This will show that you have a vast knowledge about the company climate. Second, attire plays a critical role in how you're perceived so present yourself in a professional manner, Make sure to dress according to the company culture, which might be business formal or business causal clothing. Third, practice makes perfect. Read Acing the Interview: How To Ask & Answer the Questions That Will Get You the Job by Tony Beshara (Amacom; $16.95). This book encourages professionals to ask themselves questions such as 'Can You Do the Job?' and 'Are You a Risk?' to assess your skill set, Also check out BE's interviewing series online at

--Annya M. Lott

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Author:Lott, Annya M.
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Date:Dec 1, 2009
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