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Sin and Other Salvations. (Arts and Lit).



The Wyrd Sisters' new release sees the addition of keyboardist/vocalist Kiva, whose ethereal tones enhance the beautiful harmonies that have marked the previous three recordings. Founded in 1991 by Kim Baryluk and Nancy Reinhold, the group takes its name from the triple goddess who represented the circular nature of life. This piece of trivia is especially germane to the contents of Sin and Other Salvations, an 11-song collection examining the central themes of mid-life: spiritual, emotional and physical.

The disc's opening song, appropriately tided "God," is an examination of the spiritual quest framed with the lonely peace of a solo road trip: "And I'm searching for a sign! And I'm searching for a trace/On a highway outside Winnipeg/I'm going to find some grace.

The deceptive simplicity of The Wyrd Sisters' songs makes it easy to dismiss their music as easy listening. However, to relegate Sin and Other Salvations to that genre would be to ignore completely the elegant, spare poetry that marks their lyrics--particularly those penned by Reinhold. "Everything and More" is a perfect example of her ability to write a song where the melody doesn't overpower the message. "I will take the road less travelled/I will turn my life around/ I will turn my face from west to east/ Ready for the high tide now/ I am trading my lies for truth."

Like 1997's Raw Voice, The Wyrd Sisters have assembled an impressive group of backing musicians, most notably Don Benedictson on fretless bass and Murray Pulver on acoustic guitar. (Pulver and string player Pierre Guerin pull double duty as producers here.) My only disappointment is that jazz composer/pianist Marilyn Lerner appears on just two tracks: the achingly beautiful "Leave a Light" and "Of All the Things."

Sin and Other Salvations is a contemplative album perfect for bringing a little light into a grey, Sunday afternoon or as an antidote to the long night of the soul.

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Author:Filipenko, Cindy
Article Type:Sound Recording Review
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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