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Simultaneous thermal analyzer runs in DSC or DTA mode.

The Infinity Series simultaneous thermal analyzer, available in ranges from -150 C to 1500 C, offers highly sensitive Heat Flux DSC performance combined with a microgram resolution thermobalance. The analyzer can be run in either DSC or DTA mode and offers a stable baseline and easily interchangeable sample carriers. Available software-controlled gas switching provides additional flexibility, and user interchangeable furnaces allow the user to tailor the instrument's temperature range to meet specific testing needs. A small sample chamber provides atmosphere control and a good environment for evolved gas analysis with a user's FT-IR or mass spectrometer while reducing the gas flow needed and isolating the sample from outside influences. The analyzer simplifies data comparison and data analysis, saves time and conserves precious sample material. Instrument Specialists, Inc., 815-675-1550


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Title Annotation:UPDATE ON Thermal Analysis
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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