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Simulator offers steady state and time variable simulation of processes.

Simimica CTL Process Control Simulator is a dynamic process simulator for steady state and time variable simulation of chemical and mineral processes. Simimica CTL's process function library includes basic simulation functions, such as stream adding, stream splitting, component separation, and chemical reaction, and in addition, includes dynamic (time variable) functions for transfer function analysis, time variable integration, and control element configuration. Applications include control loop analysis, transfer function solution, chemical process control, and electrical and mechanical system analysis. Graphical interface defines stream connectivity directly on flow sheet to facilitate calculation and interpretation of results. Time variable output is automatically displayed and may be printed and downloaded. Simulator includes on-line context-sensitive help as well as a detailed tutorial and many example problems demonstrating the above applications.

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Title Annotation:Cool Technology
Publication:Pharmaceutical Processing
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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