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Simulations for Combat Vehicles.

Lockheed Martin has delivered new Close Combat Tactical Trainers (CCTT) to Fort Carson, Colorado. There are 10 M1V Abrams tank simulators, five M2V Bradley Fighting Vehicle and two dismounted infantry workstations. The trainers are worth $8 million.

The CCTT allow units to train together as a combined-arms team. "The new M1 variant module increases diversity in the training scenario for the U.S. Army," said John Hallal, president of Lockheed Martin Information Systems.

CCTT is a real-time, interactive collective task training system for units ranging from individual crew through battalion task force, with the potential to grow to regimental task force levels. This trainer, said Hallal, provides an interactive virtual battlefield. Trainees move, shoot, and communicate on this battlefield by interacting or riding inside combat vehicles and employing simulated weapon systems.
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Title Annotation:Lockheed Martin Close Combat Tactical Trainers
Author:Baker, A. Duffy
Publication:National Defense
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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