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Simulation symposium (ANSS-38 2005); proceedings.



Simulation symposium (ANSS-38 2005); proceedings.

Annual Simulation Symposium (35th: 2005: San Diego, CA)

Computer Society Press, [c]2005

332 p.

$186.00 (pa)

In these proceedings of the April 2005 symposium, participants describe their research an applications of various simulation technologies. Starting with a summary of the keynote address, in which speaker Mostafa Ammar describes why we still don't know how to simulate networks, contributors follow with their research on exactly that issue. Papers on advances in simulation methodology and practices follow, and then papers on distributed system modeling and simulation. Other topics include web-based modeling and simulation, including neural network applications, simulation languages and tools, circuit simulation, parallel and distributed simulation, and two more sets of papers on network modeling and simulation, showing that if the issue of network modeling and simulation is still up in the air, a large group of researchers are very busy trying to pin it down.
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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