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Simulated disaster training planned.

The Interprofessional Disaster/ Emergency Action Studies Network in Toronto will create and deliver training for practitioners of medicine, nursing, allied health and first responders to deliver safe and effective casualty and patient-centred practice during disasters, emergencies and pandemics. Lead by Centennial College in collaboration with the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, George Brown College, Ryerson University and the University of Toronto, the training will include realistic disaster simulations at the Centennial HP Science and Technology Centre in Scarborough. Students in police and fire services, social service and media will also be trained and evaluated. The project received $792,000 from Health Canada to develop pre-licensure (undergraduate) curricula to help college and university students gain some early interprofessional skills.
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Title Annotation:HEALTH; Interprofessional Disaster/ Emergency Action Studies Network
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Date:Sep 25, 2006
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