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Simtek introduces industry's first 256K monolithic nvSRAM.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 10, 1994--Simtek Corp. Thursday introduced the first two members of its 256 kilobit nonvolatile Random Access Memory (nvSRAM) family.

Sixteen times the density of its nearest single-chip competitor, Simtek's nvSRAMs lead the industry in density, speed, flexibility and ease-of-use.

Simtek estimates that with the addition of its 256 kilobit family of products, a market opportunity exceeding $250 million annually can be addressed. The products are targeted at many applications including instrumentation, industrial control, telecommunications, and digital signal processing.

The products were developed in cooperation with Chartered Semiconductor of Singapore, and utilized Chartered's advanced 0.8 micron CMOS technology in conjunction with Simtek's 0.8 micron SNOS technology.

"We're pleased with the product and the results, and look forward to supporting Simtek in volume manufacturing," said Steve Della Rocchetta, vice president of sales and marketing, Chartered Semiconductor.

The STK15C88, configured as 32K x 8, offers AutoStore(tm) circuitry, which provides continuous monitoring of the power supply and the state of the nvSRAM device. When a power loss is detected, this circuitry initiates an automatic Store operation, quickly and reliably transferring data from SRAM to on-chip "shadow" EEPROM. When power is returned, data is automatically restored to SRAM from the EEPROM, appearing to the system as though the power interruption never occurred.

Other features of the STK15C88 include 1) user initiated Stores or Recalls controlled by software commands, providing system design flexibility; 2) unlimited Recall cycles from EEPROM; 3) unlimited read/write SRAM access; and 4) minimum of 100,000 store cycles guaranteed. This product also employs power management techniques which reduce current consumption in slower systems.

The STK11C88 offers features similar to the STK15C88, with the exception of the automatic Store. The STK11C88 provides the user who does not want to automatically store data on power loss the flexibility of capturing the data upon software command, resulting in complete control over the Store operation.

"Available in standard JEDEC 28-pin packages, these 256K products offer customers a direct upgrade from our 16K and 64K product families. Simtek's nvSRAM products provide the most versatile and reliable nonvolatile solution available to system developers," said L.D. Hockaday, director of sales and marketing.

"Simtek's nvSRAM is as easy to design with as a SRAM, saving system designer time and effort and allowing the end system to be quickly developed and rolled into production. In the near future, Simtek will also introduce a family of 16K x 16 nvSRAMs, ideal for the DSP market."

Both devices incorporate Simtek's patented NOVCEL(R) memory cell technology, which achieves performance, density, and reliability improvements over competitive nonvolatile RAMs by combining standard four-transistor SRAM with EEPROM in a single memory cell. Simtek's use of silicon nitride technology for the nonvolatile elements allows the design of a small, high-performance memory cell and enables production in standard CMOS manufacturing facilities.

A wide range of applications will benefit from the STK15C88 and STK11C88 nvSRAM's ability to retain essential program and data information. Examples of uses for these products include:

1) Random Data Storage: The 256K nvSRAM offers reliability, maintainability, space savings, and system cost advantages over battery-backed SRAM in systems like modems, meters, terminals, scales and monitors.

2) Reconfigurable Program Storage: The 256K nvSRAM products allow DSP-based systems such as automotive collision avoidance, high- density disk drive, and digital telephones to learn and adapt to their operating environments.

3) Combined Data and Program Storage: The 256K nvSRAM products allow system designers to use one device for both data storage (typically accomplished with SRAM today), and program storage (for which programmable read-only memories are typically used). This allows for the elimination of one or more components in many hand-held systems such as cellular telephones and radio telephones.

The STK11C88 and STK15C88 are organized as 32K x 8 and offered in speeds of 25, 35, and 45 nanoseconds in a JEDEC standard 28-pin 600-mil DIP package.

Samples are currently available.

Volume production, following qualification, is scheduled for the second quarter of 1995. One thousand-piece pricing for either product in the 45ns commercial version is $24.98. A 64-pin Quad Flat Pack surface mount package (QFP) will also be offered.

Simtek Corp. develops, produces and markets high-performance nonvolatile memories. The company is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., with international sales and marketing channels.

Simtek is listed on the NASDAQ Small-Cap market, and its common stock and redeemable warrants are traded under the symbols SRAM, SRAMW and SRAMZ. -0-

Note: AutoStore(tm) is a trademark of Simtek Corp.

NOVCEL(R) is a registered trademark of Simtek Corp.

Please send inquiries to: Communications Department, Simtek

Corp., 1465 Kelly Johnson Blvd., Colorado Springs, Colo., 80920,

USA. 719/531-9444 or 800/637-1667, fax 719/531-9481

CONTACT: Simtek Corp., Colorado Springs

L.D. Hockaday, 719/531-9444 or 800/637-1667
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Date:Nov 10, 1994
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