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Simplicity was the goal for this vacation house.

Simplicity was the goal for this vacation house

"For us, the whole point of a vacationhouse is fun,' Wade Dann told us. "We didn't want to spend our time opening up, cleaning up, and buttoning up.'

For this reason, the Danns' summer cottageon Lake Samish has simple lines, slick surfaces, uncomplicated spaces, and a minimalist look.

Tile floors make quick work of moppingup sandy tracks. High-gloss enamel on walls is equally effective when fingerprints must disappear in a hurry. If the big windows oriented toward the lake get too dirty, they're easy to hose down and squeegee-clean. An open kitchen with wipe-clean counters built in makes eat-when-you-want meals and group cooking simple to handle.

Elevating the sleeping section slightlyabove the living area gave the two spaces a nice separation--and also cut the cost of excavating the sloping lot for a level floor. A partial basement under the living area has one big door with deadbolts: when it's time to head back home, lawn games and water-sport equipment go here.

The 940-square-foot wood-frame cabinstands on poured-concrete pillars and a partial perimeter foundation. Designer was Seattle architect Cihan Anisoglu.

Photo: Elevated fireplace is surrounded bywide marble hearth that can double as seating platform and eating surface

Photo: Protecting privacy, cabin's street sideis windowless. Steps lead down to entry

Photo: Opening to nature, lake-facing side haslarge windows, French doors, decks

Photo: Connected to deck, kitchen cleans easily, can handle multiple cooks, extends living space

Photo: Bedroomscluster at viewless side near entry. Living areas step down, look out to sun and view, open onto decks
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Date:May 1, 1987
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