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Simple ways to detoxify.

When you're overly acidic, your lymphatic drainage system becomes sluggish. Toxins have nowhere to go except into your tissues and organs. This creates a toxic--and more acidic--condition.

If you happen to have Candida albicans, fibromyalgia, or any circulatory disease, a clogged lymphatic system could be one reason why. This toxic buildup can contribute to headaches, sore muscles, and low energy. The solution is to cleanse your tissues by increasing lymphatic drainage. Here's how.

Drink plenty of water--hall a glass or more every hour--to help flush out wastes.

Your lungs are organs of detoxification. Breathe deeply for two to five minutes, three or more times a day. When you exercise, breathe deeply occasionally to oxygenate your body. This helps eliminate toxins.

Exercise at least half an hour five times a week to increase your circulation and help you detoxify.

If possible, get massages regularly--preferably lymphatic drainage massage. If you can't find someone trained in this type of massage, it's easy to learn. Pick up the book, Warning: An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance, by massage therapist John Ossipinsky (C.S. Lewis, 2006). John explains how to move lymph through the body so it doesn't cause stagnation and illness. The answer to some of your health problems could be in your hands.
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