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Simple smile 'may hold key to having your way with women'.

London, November 29 ( ANI ): All men need to do is flash a grin at a woman and she is more likely to do what he asks, researchers say.

In three experiments researchers looked at how a man's smile impacted on a woman's perception of him and her body language.

When the man was in a dominant role - in the experiment given with instructions - women obeyed him more often if he grinned at them.

This was the case even if he said a blatantly sexist statement afterwards.

The study by the University of Granada in Spain also found that women assumed a more narrow and submissive posture when a man smiled at them.

The researchers concluded that the man's 'perceived warmth' was the reason for the woman's behaviour.

Body language expert Patti Wood said that the findings were troubling but that it could be because women rely on body language more than men for making decisions.

"Even if there's dissonance between what's been said and what his body is doing, women will look to the body," the Daily Mail quoted Wood as saying.

"If they see a smile, then the interaction seems more friendly.

"It's a tricky situation, and one that highlights just how subtly sexism can intrude on interactions.

"Even if there's dissonance between what's been said and what his body is doing, women will look to the body," she said.

Wood advices women who do not want to be manipulated by a man's smile is to know what you want before meeting men.

According to her, this will improve your body language and communication and reduce the number of nervous tics that reveal your anxieties. ( ANI )


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Publication:Asian News International
Date:Nov 29, 2012
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