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Simple daylight for a small room.

Simple daylight for a small room

Piping daylight into this windowless powderroom is a short length of galvanized sheet-metal heating duct. Phoenix architect William P. Bruder designed and installed several of these inexpensive ceiling shafts in Linda and Chuck Redman's Tempe house.

Construction was simple. Using a sabersaw, Bruder cut aligned holes in the rolled roofing and decking and the gypsum board ceiling. These holes measure only slightly larger than the diameter of the duct. (A steeply pitched roof would require an elliptical hole; for a hole-cutting template, use a section of the duct cut at an angle to match the pitch of the roof.)

To hold the duct length firmly in place,metal straps pop-riveted to the duct are nailed to the roof and ceiling framing. Outside, the duct rises a few inches above the surface of the roof to create a curb which is sealed with asphalt emulsion. Capping the shaft is a round piece of 1/4-inch-thick clear acrylic held in place with a thick bead of silicone caulk.

Inside the house, the duct fits flush withthe ceiling; taping compound fills the seam between gypsum and metal. Left unpainted, the galvanized interior surface of the shaft bounces maximum light to the room below.

Photo: Up on top, silicone caulk holds flat acryliccap to duct; asphalt emulsion seals roof. Inside powder room, open-ended sheetmetal shaft makes natural downlight

Photo: Inside attic, metal supportstraps are pop-riveted to duct and nailed to roof framing members. Arrangement of supports in your attic would depend on framing structure, length and angle of duct
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Date:Apr 1, 1987
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