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Simple (even free!) Christmas gift ideas.

Dear editor,

Last year, we announced that we would prefer if our family and friends would 'regift' for us, and especially for our children, or give gifts that they themselves have made (a tin of cookies, a pair of socks, or even a handkerchief). We encourage regifring--there are so many things we have been given over the years that do not get used, or which are read once and forgotten. Many of these things we give to charity, and some of them we regift. We also encourage older family members to give things that they love, and that they would like to see stay in the family. I have received my great-grandmother's cookbook (which contains her recipe for bread, the only one I have ever used that works every time), a much-adored handmade sweater, and a set of teacups that were given to my grandmother for her bridal shower. My son now plays ball with his great-great-grandfather's mitt, and I serve food on my great-grandmother's dishes.

Regifting not only reuses materials, it promotes a sense of history, of family, of connectedness, and it gets you back to the true sense of giving--that you give of yourself, not of big box retail chains.

Editor's note: Last year, after a reader told us how he assembled a personalized photo calendar for his in-laws for Christmas, we asked Anglican Journal readers to share with us their ideas for simple Christmas gifts. We now share them with you, before the commercial season is upon us.

Jillian Bell

Lumsden, Sask.
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Author:Bell, Jillian
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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