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Simple, economical, manual roll-gap adjustment for sheet.

Processing Technologies International (PTi), Aurora, Ill., has developed and patented a new way to manually adjust roll gap on cooling and polishing sheet roll stands. The device features an integral ratchet positioning arm. This gap adjustment mechanism is said to be simple, efficient, and less costly than competitive methods.

Conventional roll-gap adjustment systems include manual jack-screw arrangements or motorized servo-hydraulic mechanisms. PTi's integral ratchet, on the other hand, is operated with a wrench device that moves up or down a threaded shaft to set the chrome roll gap within [+ or -]0.0005 in. Analog gauges on each side of the roll provide a precise gap measurement for the operator.

The mechanical advantage of the ratchet wrench lever arm and the threaded shaft enable the unit to be operated at up to full line pressure of 600 to 800 PLI. In comparison, conventional systems require a reduction in roll pressure to permit changing the gap setting. Manual roll-gap adjustment is available as standard on PTi's G-Series roll stand.

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Title Annotation:industry & technology news
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Aug 1, 2012
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