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Simon says theme tune has axe factor; TALK TV; It's one of the worst I've ever heard it must go!'.

Byline: Janine Yaqoob

The X Factor theme tune is no longer music to the ears of its creator Simon Cowell - he has decided to axe it.

Fans instantly recognise the catchy tune, which has been a staple of the talent show since it began in 2004.

Simon himself was even responsible for creating it - he was credited as one of the writers.

But the music mogul has had enough. "We're scrapping the theme song," reveals Simon, 59. "I can't listen to that again. I will never hear it again.

"It is one of the worst theme songs I've ever heard.

"I'm asking around in LA to see if someone can write us something new."

His scathing attack comes months ahead of the launch of two new X Factor shows - an all-star and a celebrity version.

They will replace the old format, which saw unknowns vie for a record contract.

It's not the only thing he plans to change.

"We're going to completely redesign the set," he says.

"I haven't decided how will look yet, but I have met with a designer."

Simon's overhaul comes after the show's ratings dropped and people accused it of being past its best.

He says the changes need to be made to keep the show fresh.

"The risk is doing nothing - boring and predictable," he says. "So when we got the opportunity, I went for it."

Having decided on his judges, Simon will be reunited with Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger. He explains: "Celeb X Factor is Nicole and Louis, because I think it'll be fun. I don't think they know who is coming out either.

Wouldn't be a fourth, because only three categories. "Louis will be on All Stars but not sure Nicole is available. So it would be me, Louis and an American producer."

Simon will be kept in the dark about which famous faces will be involved in his shows.

He says: "I have no idea who is coming, what's happening. If it goes wrong, you'll hear about it."

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 14, 2019
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