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Simon keeps asking what work I've had done to look this young; Glamorous BGT judge Amanda Holden reveals her anti-ageing secrets.

Byline: Olivia Buxton

BRITAIN'S Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, who is married to record producer Chris Hughes and mum to Lexi, eight, and Hollie, two, reveals how she stays so youthful looking at 43 - despite a weakness for takeaways and wine.

How important is it to stay fit and healthy? As a mother, it's crucial to be strong. There is a lot to be said for having children in your 20s or 30s because I am permanently knackered. But good diet and fitness helps me to maintain my energy. Did you exercise before BGT started? When I was in LA, I took up Kundalini Yoga - one of the more spiritual types of yoga. My body has become strong and toned since I've been doing it every day and any excess body fat has disappeared.

When we were doing the BGT auditions I squeezed in some extra sessions. I also love running. Have you lost any weight recently? I am similar weight to what I've always been. It's honestly down to genetics. I weigh 8st 7lb now and before I had kids I was 8st 2lb. Do you worry about wearing a bikini? I am proud of the way I look. I don't have any hang-ups but when we go somewhere like the Maldives, the paparazzi can't get there, so I can happily walk around in what I want. What's your diet like? I'm vegetarian and drink a lot of water and vegetable juices but life is too short not to enjoy wine or the odd bag of crisps. I am a sucker for red and rose wine.

I don't believe in half-fat anything. I have full-fat Oykos Greek-style yoghurt, butter and cheese. I love curry and we have fish and chips on Fridays. Have you noticed signs of ageing? I have a few grey hairs but I have my hairdresser to thank because it's so well highlighted. I'm getting some lines around my eyes and on my forehead. What is the favourite part of your body? My husband Chris reckons I have good legs and they are still OK to be in a mini skirt. It's down to genetics.

If you could change one part of your body, what would it be? I don't obsess over my body after what I've been through (a still birth and nearfatal childbirth). I am thankful to be here. How do you look after your skin? I have regular massages and facials and my secret for anti-ageing is to have a brow-shaping treatment called HD Brows. Nilam at Eyebrow Queen does it. It's like I've had a mini face-lift. I also have an amazing non-invasive facial called Collagen Wave.

Even Simon Cowell keeps saying: "What have you had done? Who do I need to see? Who are you seeing that I am not seeing?" Has your style changed? I have a new styling team and my latest looks have been inspired by Robin Wright in House Of Cards. I love that show.

When I wear a dress, I like to show off a bit of leg. But on Britain's Got Talent, I concentrate more on the upper part of my body. I like my shoulders. What kind of mum are you? I am stricter than Chris. I give the girls loads of love and affection but I am the one who will tell them off more.

What turns you off in a man? I don't like vanity or a man who's too buff or aware of his good looks.

Oykos and Amanda are on the hunt for real-life hunks whose torsos will be immortalised into dessert spoons. Visit


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 20, 2014
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