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Simon Fraser University Selects AppareNet Software To Manage Intricate Network Operations.

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Jaalam's Network Intelligence Software Finds Trouble, Quick Paths

to Improvements on System Serving 23,000

Jaalam Technologies today announced a contract with Simon Fraser University (SFU) for use of AppareNet, Jaalam's award-winning network performance monitoring software, to manage the intricate day-to-day network operations for the university's three campuses that collectively serve almost 23,000 faculty, students and staff.

Glenn Wong, CEO of Jaalam, said SFU will use AppareNet to determine, with precision, whether problems are application or network related, which problems are a priority, and when upgrades should be performed. SFU joins a growing list of new AppareNet customers, including FedEx, Cingular Wireless, DHL Worldwide, Bank of New York, and the U.S. Department of Defense. Terms were not disclosed.

Worth Johnson, director of operations and technical support at SFU, said AppareNet helps overcome the ambiguity of dealing with general complaints about a network being slow.

"With AppareNet, we can pinpoint, with absolute clarity, which piece of the system needs attention," Johnson said. "We're now able to make more informed decisions about when to do an expansion, conversion or upgrade of the network. This saves us money and has allowed us to maintain the same staffing level even as the number of network nodes has quadrupled."

The SFU campus network comprises 8,000 workstations and servers spread across 4,000 active ports on switches and hubs at 70 distribution points on three campuses. It is linked to other educational institutions across the country through the shared fiber optic network, BCNET and CA-net.

"Studies estimate that more than 60 percent of all networks suffer from performance issues," said Wong. "The inefficiencies and lost productivity are incalculable. AppareNet is the only product on the market that can easily analyze networks from end to end without complex probes, costly client-side agents, or long deployments and training. An additional breakthrough has been in analyzing and monitoring third party networks, which had been largely inaccessible before AppareNet, making it difficult to measure actual performance."

Wong said customers have found that AppareNet reduces troubleshooting time and network spending.

"By offering a view of the network path exactly as an application would see it, AppareNet allows users to quickly diagnose and locate specific faults throughout a network, including bottlenecks, congestion points, and a plethora of configuration errors," Wong said. "It quickly determines whether performance issues are network or application related, and helps focus action and spending where they will do the most good."

About Jaalam Technologies:

Jaalam Technologies develops and markets proprietary and patent-pending network intelligence software that can analyze even the most complex global network infrastructures, identify the sources of problems within minutes and then perform continuous monitoring to ensure maximum performance over time. Its AppareNet software has helped companies, government agencies and educational institutions improve network performance and achieve rapid returns on their investments. This has ranged from DHL saving $30,000 a month on fixing just one under-performing circuit in its worldwide network to Providence Health, which estimated a return of almost 600 percent on its investment in AppareNet software. Jaalam, a privately held Delaware company, was founded in 2000 by network infrastructure experts with more than 60 years of combined experience with some of the world's largest companies.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 24, 2003
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