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Similar Differences: Betye and Alison Saar.

SIMILAR DIFFERENCES: BETYE AND ALISON SAAR. Arts America, 12 Havemeyer Place, Greenwich, CT 06830. VHS format, 10 minutes, $39.95.

This video is one of a series featuring selected California artists. It was produced to accompany the "Secrets, Dialogues, Revelations, the Work of Betye and Alison Saar" exhibition at the Frederic S. Wight Art Gallery at the University of California, Los Angeles. Mother and daughter artists, the Saars' work encompasses multicultural, racial, generational and religious symbols, elements and concerns. Visually rich and tightly edited, it provides viewers with rich insights, as it gives them a glimpse into the similarities and differences of these two individuals. Highly recommended for the secondary level and higher education.
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Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Video Recording Review
Date:May 1, 1992
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