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Silverstream extend.

SilverStream extend provides an integrated environment for delivering service-oriented applications with an unmatched back-end integration system that allows for an immediate migration to Web Services. Using standard Java and XML technologies, SilverStream extend helps organisations realise the promise of networked businesses by making business functions shareable and relevant to any application and any user on any device. The SilverStream eXtend framework claims the following benefits:

* Business process customisation: organisations are able to create dynamic and intelligent business processes with roles

* Support for diverse audiences: companies can deliver services into relevant and personalised user interfaces, including portals, JSPs and wireless devices.

* An investment for the future: businesses receive a secure, scalable and reliable solution that runs on the industry's most popular J2EE application servers

* Proven technologies: Java and XML are at the heart of the system technologies.
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Title Annotation:Networks
Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2001
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