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Silver spoon leaves a bitter taste.

Byline: COLUMNIST A different view of life in Birmingham PAUL FULFORD

EXCITEMENT doesn't begin to describe the mood that overwhelms me at the news that a baby girl has been born to two very posh people who you and I will never know.

The joy that fills my heart is so profound that a world of famine, war, pestilence, disease and repression seems, instead, to be perfectly rosy.

It skips a beat at the thought that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new sprog will live an existence far different from that of our own children.

No fears over school choices for her. No concern over university tuition fees.

Not the slightest worry she'll have after years of hard study to find a job. No prospect that she won't be able to afford to get on the housing ladder or contribute to a pension to support her in her old age.

It delights me beyond measure that instead she will, like the rest of the Royal Family, be paid handsomely from the taxes of ordinary working men and women who struggle to maintain a decent lifestyle for themselves, yet fork out for a bunch of misfits whose status is an accident of birth.

Excuse my heavy-handed sarcasm.

Excuse weary at the manufactured that the royal birth Excuse my weary cynicism at the manufactured elation that surrounds the latest royal birth.

I have nothing against the wee benefit-recipient nor her mum and dad.

But I do object strongly to the myth that's peddled that somehow the Royal Family are a worthy institution admired without hesitation by a forelock-tugging public.

I wish the infant a long and happy life.

Just not at cost to the public purse nor at that even greater cost - the blow to equality and opportunity that royalty represents.

TIME for a pat on the back for muchmaligned Birmingham City Council. Countless are the complaints that it's difficult to phone the authority on matters such as missed bin collections, housing repairs or council tax inquiries and harder still to get any meaningful action taken.

Utter nonsense, for my dealing with the council last week proved otherwise.

A PS25 parking fine - I'd been delayed at a meeting and rushed back to my car to find two sour-faced wardens issuing a ticket - proved incredibly easy to pay by phone.

Cynics might suggest that was because I was handing money over to the council rather than seeking help.

years of a beyond she out for a whose accident the elation surrounds royal birth. I have nothing Excuse my weary cynicism at the manufactured elation that surrounds the latest royal birth


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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 5, 2015
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