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Silver Impregnated Carbon System for Vimto.

Vimto Soft Drinks Ltd have found that the use of silver impregnated carbons has neutralized the water-borne bacteria that occur with significantly increased frequency during the Summer months. These have the potential to cause problems, particularly in their unpreserved product lines, where high pH values are involved.

The silver impregnated carbons have been developed and supplied by Waterlink Sutcliffe Carbons, part of Sutcliffe Speakman Carbons Ltd, tel:0194 227 5400.

As readers will know, activated carbon is a well established substrate for the purification of drinking water supplies to potable standards. It acts as a physical adsorptive medium to adsorb contaminants from solutions and as a highly active surface on which to dechlorinate water. Silver impregnated activated carbons, apart from adsorbing organic contaminants, also control taste, remove odours, extract colour compounds, filter particles and remove chlorine. The immobilization of silver on activated carbon limits growth of bacteria within a carbon filter bed, due to its bacteriostatic quality.

As a bacterial cell is adsorbed into the structure of activated carbon, it contacts the silver ions on the carbon surface. Subsequently, the bacterial cells form a silver sulphurhydryl complex, which immobilizes the respiratory activity of the cell by preventing the transfer of hydrogen and oxidative reactions. This means the bacterial cells are unable to reproduce and eventually die.
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Date:Nov 1, 1999
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