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Decreased Soluble Receptor of Advanced Glycation End Product Levels Correlated with Inflammation in Silicosis. Liu, Heliang; Ma, Jingjing; Jiang, Tian; Li, Enhong; Zhao, Xiaokun; Wang, Ying; Cui, Jie; Hao, Xiaoh Apr 30, 2020 4857
Severe Silicosis in Engineered Stone Fabrication Workers--California, Colorado, Texas, and Washington, 2017-2019. Rose, Cecile; Heinzerling, Amy; Patel, Ketki; Sack, Coralynn; Wolff, Jenna; Zell-Baran, Lauren; Weis Sep 27, 2019 3641
A Rare Case of Pericardial Effusion in a Patient with Silicosis. Saku, Kosuke; Yamamoto, Keisuke; Inoue, Hironori; Ueno, Masahiro Jun 30, 2019 1792
Rare Complications of Silica Dust Exposure. Shalaby, Alaa El-Dein Omar; Kamel, Khaled Mahmoud; Al-Halfawy, Ahmad Serag El-Dein; Amin, Hassan Mah Case study Jun 1, 2019 1065
SILICOSIS IN SWITZERLAND. Koller, Michael F.; Scholz, Stefan M.; Pletscher, Claudia; Miedinger, David Report Sep 1, 2018 9171
Towards a fresh start for South African mining? The recent launch of a silicosis fund for former miners offers a model for how the South African mining industry can begin to tackle the legacy of its troubled past. Thomas, David Jun 1, 2018 787
SC wants silicosis centres set up at cement factories. Apr 11, 2018 687
Balochistan government cranks silicosis treatment up a notch. Mar 10, 2018 386
Balochistan government cranks silicosis treatment up a notch. Mar 10, 2018 376
Lung Cancer Mortality in Tuscany from 1971 to 2010 and Its Connections with Silicosis: A Space-Cohort Analysis Based on Shared Models. Dreassi, Emanuela Jan 1, 2018 6049
Surveillance for silicosis deaths among persons aged 15-44 years--United States, 1999-2015. Mazurek, Jacek M.; Wood, John M.; Schleiff, Patricia L.; Weissman, David N. Jul 21, 2017 4362
Gov't of Punjab finalizes action plan to control silicosis. Oct 6, 2016 450
Silicosis with progressive massive fibrosis: a case report. Anjali; Dubey, Anuranjan; Singh, Gyanendra Narayan; Verma, Anjali; Prasad, Vijay Shankar Clinical report Aug 15, 2016 849
South African court allows silicosis class action suit against gold firms. May 13, 2016 250
Silicosis and systemic sclerosis (Erasmus syndrome): the importance of the recognition of the association between diseases/Silicose e esclerose sistemica (sindrome de Erasmus): a importancia do reconhecimento da associacao entre doencas. Teles, Juliana Augusta Spinelli da Silva Jan 1, 2016 4449
McColloch, Jock. South Africa's Gold Mines & the Politics of Silicosis. Moore, Bernard C. Book review Sep 22, 2015 790
Update: silicosis mortality--United States, 1999-2013. Mazurek, Jacek M.; Schleiff, Patricia L.; Wood, John M.; Hendricks, Scott A.; Weston, Ainsley Jun 19, 2015 1320
Silicosis mortality trends and new exposures to respirable crystalline silica--United States, 2001-2010. Bang, Ki Moon; Mazurek, Jacek M.; Wood, John M.; White, Gretchen E.; Hendricks, Scott A.; Weston, Ai Feb 13, 2015 2405
Silicosis in a countertop fabricator--Texas, 2014. Friedman, Gary K.; Harrison, Robert; Bojes, Heidi; Worthington, Karen; Filios, Margaret Feb 13, 2015 881
States not serious about dealing with silicosis, says NHRC Chairperson. Jul 25, 2014 359
NHRC organises national conference on Silicosis. Conference news Jul 23, 2014 768
CPD. Mar 1, 2014 492
Worker 'waiting to die' of silicosis passes away. Oct 10, 2013 309
Silicosis claim to boost primary health care? Brief article Jun 1, 2012 223
Silicosis--10000 gold miners getting set to sue. Bateman, Chris Report Jun 1, 2012 1966
Three decades of silicosis: disease trends at autopsy in South African gold miners. Nelson, Gill; Girdler-Brown, Brendan; Ndlovu, Ntombizodwa; Murray,Jill Mar 1, 2010 7396
Silicosis trends in South African gold miners. Report Mar 1, 2010 218
Concurrent silicosis and pulmonary mycosis at death. Iossifova, Yulia; Bailey, Rachel; Wood, John; Kreiss, Kathleen Feb 1, 2010 2452
Corporate manipulation of research: strategies are similar across five industries. White, Jenny; Bero, Lisa A. Jan 1, 2010 11689
Silicosis, mechanisation and the demise of Sydney's rockchoppers' union, 1908-18. Sheldon, Peter Nov 1, 2009 12832
Silica, silicosis and tuberculosis--recognising the clinical link. Ehrlich, Rodney Report Nov 1, 2009 846
Silicosis-related years of potential life lost before age 65 years--United States, 1968-2005. Mazurek, J.M.; Wood, J.M. Clinical report Jul 18, 2008 3289
Silicosis crackdown: metalcasting facilities are targets of a new OSHA program intended to reduce hazards related to lung disease. Mar 1, 2008 458
CDC supports metalcasting industry's silicosis assertions. Jun 1, 2005 338
Silicosis mortality, prevention, and control--United States, 1968-2002. Bang, K.M.; Mazurek, J.M.; Attfield, M.D. Apr 29, 2005 2311
Silicosis in dental laboratory technicians--five states, 1994-2000. Rosenman, K.D.; Pechter, E.; Schill, D.P.; Valiante, D.J.; Bresnitz, E.A.; Cummings, K.R.; Socie, E. Mar 12, 2004 1809
Dust storm: a sudden rise in silicosis claims is reminiscent of asbestos litigation, but this time insurers are blocking the turbulence. Green, Meg Nov 1, 2003 3336
Developing a successful silicosis prevention strategy. Scholz, Robert C. Nov 1, 2002 1948
Recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax in an industrial worker. (Pathologic Quiz Case). Strobel, Stephen L. Jun 1, 2002 1009
Silicosis in Sandblasters: A Case Study Adapted for Use in U.S. High Schools. NIOSH Case Study in Occupational Epidemiology. Malit, Bonita D. Jun 1, 2002 283
Dust Devils. POWER, MATTHEW Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 275
Silicosis cases reviewed. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 126
Right Middle Lobe Atelectasis Associated With Endobronchial Silicotic Lesions. Chien, Hsiu-Ping; Lin, Tao-Ping; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Huang, Thomas W. Nov 1, 2000 2230
Silicosis Screening in Surface Coal Miners -- Pennsylvania, 1996-1997. Jul 14, 2000 1683
Silicosis deaths among young adults - United States, 1968-1994. May 1, 1998 1626
Silicosis among workers involved in abrasive blasting - Cleveland, Ohio, 1995. Aug 15, 1997 1830
Prepare your foundry for OSHA's silicosis inspection program. Mosher, Gary E. Aug 1, 1996 738
Silica: freshest dust may be deadliest. Brief Article Oct 21, 1995 346
Occupational silicosis - Ohio, 1989-1994. Feb 3, 1995 1360
Silicosis among pottery workers - New Jersey. Jun 12, 1992 967
Silicosis: clusters in sandblasters - Texas, and occupational surveillance for silicosis. Jun 29, 1990 1782
"On the dump heap": employee medical screening in the tri-state zinc-lead industry, 1924-1932. Derickson, Alan Dec 22, 1988 6614

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