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Silicone release.

This release agent is said to deliver excellent release and semi-permanence for difficult to release silicone elastomers. This environmentally-friendly, water-based product is said to have been providing excellent release of difficult to release silicone rubber gaskets, seals, orings, spark plug boots, electrical connectors and medical devices. Said to be excellent for use in injection, compression and transfer presses, this release agent creates a low surface tension barrier that is said to provide exceptional slip, mechanical and chemical release. Multiple releases and release ease without the burden of excessive build-up are some of the key benefits of these agents, according to the manufacturer. Cosmetics of finished products are said to have shown improvement with the use of these release agents due to controlled transfer characteristics. Problems with knit lines are said to have virtually been eliminated, and some formulations even allow for transparent finish products. The company custom formulates hundreds of process specific release agents for many difficult to release elastomers. A fully staffed laboratory and direct sales engineers are available to formulate unique products.

Franklynn Industries

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 22, 2004
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