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Silicon carbide and related materials; proceedings; 2v.


Silicon carbide and related materials; proceedings; 2v.

International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (2007: Otus, Japan) Ed. by Akira Suzuki et al.

Trans Tech Publications


1382 pages



Materials science forum; vs.600-603


Selected and peer reviewed, over 350 papers offer scientific treatments of materials used for wide bandgap semiconductors, emphasizing recent developments in the basic science of the materials themselves and the maturing device and processing technologies. They cover silicon carbide (SiC) growth and epitaxial growth, physical properties and characteristics, nanostructures and graphene, processing, devices, and III-nitrides and other related materials. Among specific topics are growing bulk crystal at a constant rate using a new design of resistive furnace, the solution growth of 3C-SiC single crystals by the cold crucible technique, Raman scattering studies of stress distribution around dislocation, the electronic band structure of cubic silicon nanowires, the anisotropic etching of SiC in the mixed gas of chlorine and oxygen, the temperature dependence of plasma chemical vaporization machining of silicon and silicon carbide, the influence of passivation oxide properties on SiC field-plated buried gate MESFETs, a high power-density converter, surface morphology in an AIN epitaxial layer grown on various SiC substrates by the sublimation closed space technique, and diamond doped by hot iron implantation. The two volumes are paged together, and both contain the author index; there is no subject index.

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Date:Dec 1, 2009
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