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Silicon Valley Leadership Group Rolls Out 12-Point 'Clean and Green' Plan.

SciTech21-20 December 2006-Silicon Valley Leadership Group Rolls Out 12-Point 'Clean and Green' Plan(C)2006 JeraOne -

California's Silicon Valley Leadership Group yesterday announced the launch of a comprehensive "Clean and Green" Alternative Energy Action Plan to curb greenhouse gases, reduce dependence on foreign oil and impact climate change throughout the region and beyond.

The 12-point plan, ranging from support for local and state transportation initiatives to a "CEO Cycling Challenge," was announced at a press conference at Hyperion Solutions headquarters in Santa Clara and embraced by the Leadership Group's 210 member companies.

"While the need to curb greenhouse gases is a global issue, we cannot wait for a global solution to effect positive change," said Carl Guardino, president and CEO of the Leadership Group. "Our action plan offers a number of steps that businesses, employers and individuals can take now in our own region to have a positive impact."

The components of the "Clean and Green" plan, to be rolled out regionally beginning in January and over the course of 2007, are:

-- Cool Commutes Challenge - A Competition to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

-- BART Extension to Silicon Valley - Continued Support for Funding

-- California High-Speed Rail Advocacy - Corporate Support for 700-mile Project

-- Building a Market for Alternative Fuel Vehicles - What Employers Can Do

-- Injecting Fuel Efficiency into the Supply Chain Equation - Reducing Energy for Goods Movement

-- CEO Cycling Challenge: Bike-to-Work Day - May 17, 2007

-- Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) - A Public/Private Partnership to Improve Energy and Fuel Efficiency

-- Clean and Green Tech: Early Adoption or Demonstration - An Energy-Efficient Data Center and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research

-- EnergyWatch Partnership - Working with PG&E for $6.4 Million in Energy Efficiency Rebates

-- Lean and Green: Identifying Cutting-Edge Products - Purchasing Energy Efficient Office Products

-- Solar Industry Center for Excellence - A Business-to-Business Collaboration

-- Municipal Practices and Standards for Green Building - Local Standards for Residential Construction

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Date:Dec 20, 2006
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Silicon Valley Leadership Group Rolls Out 12-Point 'Clean and Green' Plan.
Silicon Valley Leadership Group Rolls Out 12-Point 'Clean and Green' Plan.

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