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Silicon Jack.

WHEN OUR BRAZILIAN CORRESPONDENT JACK EPSTEIN TOLD me he was leaving Brazil after six and a half years in Rio, my first question was, "Where are you going, Jack?"

After all, you can take the man out of Latin America, but you can't take Latin America out of the man. The 53-year-old journalist has been covering the region for LATIN TRADE, Time, and other media since more or less the beginning of time--starting in Central America, then down to South America, backup to Mexico for five years and finally settling into Rio.

The breadth of his trilingual talents is particularly well represented in this issue. He wrote the profile of Brazilian Central Bank President Arminio Fraga (page 47) for our cover story honoring the winners of this year's Bravo Business Awards; discovered a desert hotel in northern Chile (p. 39); and filed a brief about Telefonica's misadventures in Sao Paulo (p. 21).

So imagine my delight when Jack responded, "We're headed to California, specifically Palo Alto, you know, just down the road from Silicon Valley."

The Valley is hot as hot can be with technological innovation, but who's covering El Valle or O Vale for Latin America? Nobody--until Jack and family move back to his native California--and then, prepare yourself, for Silicon Jack's exclusive files for LATIN TRADE about who and what's news in the heart of the land of bits and bytes.

Mike Zellner
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Date:Oct 1, 1999
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