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Silicon Graphics Establishes Industry-Leading Server Performance for 100GB Oracle(R) Database Benchmark

Power and Throughput Marks Rank Number One in Open Database Class

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Silicon Graphics, Inc. (NYSE: SGI) today announced that its eight-processor Origin2000(TM) system achieved record-setting performance results on the Transaction Processing Council's TPC-D decision support benchmark, running IRIX(R) 6.5 on a 100GB Oracle 8.0.4(TM) database. These results demonstrate performance increases of 34 and 62 percent over numbers posted by Sun and DEC respectively.

The Origin2000 system posted scores of 1573.2 QppD on the benchmark's power metric and 601 QthD on its throughput metric. These results signify a dramatic improvement over the Origin2000 system's performance on this same benchmark just three months ago, when QppD and QthD scores stood at 799.9 and 361.7, respectively. A dramatic improvement is also evident in the price/performance metric, which plummets from 1643 to 793 $/QphD.

"Of all open database results posted to date against the 100GB TPC-D benchmark, we lay claim to world-record system performance, as well as superlative per-CPU performance," said Ihab Abu-Hakima, vice president and general manager, Business Computing at Silicon Graphics. "The numbers further legitimize Silicon Graphics' place at the front of the decision support market, where our scalable solutions are helping businesses realize greater strategic awareness of their business opportunities and economies of scale."

In this benchmark, the power metric (QppD) gauges a system's speed and accuracy in handling a single query stream, while the throughput metric (QthD) measures multiple-query stream responsiveness. Finally, price/performance ($/QphD) is calculated based on a composite metric involving both the power and throughput metrics.

"We are pleased that Silicon Graphics has achieved industry-leading performance results among open databases for the key power and throughput metrics in this critical decision-support benchmark," said Raymond Wong, vice president, Oracle Corporation. "Silicon Graphics' achievement underscores the tremendous power of the Oracle8 database server and its value to businesses running decision support applications."

About Origin2000

Silicon Graphics(R) Origin2000(TM) utilizes an advanced version of CC-NUMA architecture that provides scalability, availability, high-bandwidth/low-latency data handling, cost effectiveness and other advanced features over a wide range of price points. Origin(TM) is designed to handle business needs for Internet, database, file, media or compute serving. The benchmark results just reported were achieved using the entry into the product line -- a one- to eight-processor deskside system that can be rack-mounted and seamlessly expanded to 128 processors, providing up to 256GB of shared physical memory and 80GB per second of sustained I/O bandwidth.

About TPC-D

TPC-D differs from benchmarks that focus on light and mid-weight customer-oriented transactions. TPC-D represents a broad range of decision support (DS) applications that require complex, long-running queries against large, complex data structures. Real-world business questions were written against this model, resulting in 17 complex queries. TPC-D has three metrics -- two performance metrics and one price/performance metric. The performance metrics are the "power" metric (QppD@Size) and the throughput metric (QthD@Size). The price/performance metric is Price-per-QphD@Size. Visit the TPC Web page at for more information about the TPC and its benchmarks.

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Date:Jun 2, 1998
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