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Silenced!; academic freedom, scientific inquiry, and the First Amendment under siege in America.


Silenced!; academic freedom, scientific inquiry, and the First Amendment under siege in America.

Johansen, Bruce E.



185 pages




Johansen (communication and Native American studies, U. of Nebraska) describes the cases of academics in the United States who have been silenced through firings, jailings, and deportations for challenging powerful interests through free speech, including historian Michael Bellesiles, who wrote about the role of guns in American society; Ward Churchill, whose unpopular views about the September 11th attacks led to efforts to oust him from the University of Colorado; David Graeber, the Yale anthropologist whose anarchist politics led to denial of tenure; and Sami al-Arian, the Palestinian-born Florida professor judicially hounded as a terrorist in spite of lack of evidence. Johansen also discusses how government restrictions on visas in the post-9-11 era have excluded academic voices from abroad.

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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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