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Silence isn't always so golden...; ONE MINUTE SILENCE Glasgow Garage.


ALL too often, when a band uses its ready-made platform to make political and social comment, they come away looking like fools.

So it was unfortunate that London-based rap-metallers One Minute Silence did exactly that when they played the Garage in Glasgow this week.

Although you could - at a push - forgive their deep-rooted craving to be American (which saw Irish singer Yap lapse into an accent identity crisis for most of the show), and put down their lack of imagination as an homage to Black Flag and the like, their cliched stage-show was unforgivably bad.

Not content with telling the crowd that he hoped Tony Blair would become homeless so that he could be kicked on the street, Yap asked the audience to cross their fingers and "really, really hope that Margaret Thatcher dies next year".

Obviously, his long-haired legions lapped up every word and obliged in something straight out of This Is Spinal Tap.

Then during Holy Man, he, ahem, "symbolically" ripped up the Bible, in an absurd moment which emphasised and clarified exactly how tacky they are.

When you have to resort to such cheap stunts to "upset the masses", then it means your music is seriously lacking.

In yet another moment of unintentional comedy, Yap at one point told the crowd, "Originality comes from the kids in bedrooms, not symbols such as movie stars. That's what One Minute Silence is all about."


The irony being that One Minute Silence completely lack any originality whatsoever. The truest thing Yap said all night was when he told the crowd: "You lot are like animals. You should be locked up forever ... in a room with us."

If only.

One minute of silence from this band is by far not enough. Sorry guys, Rage Against The Machine did it a lot better. And they actually conveyed a meaningful message. In 1994.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 22, 2000
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