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Sile focuses on radio after beating cancer; star leaves tv career behind.

Byline: SAM HAMILTON Showbiz Reporter

BRAVE Sile Seoige has admitted she doesn't want to go back into TV following her stressful cancer battle.

The Gaelgeoir, 32, revealed in February she had secretly fought the illness for six months - even having an operation to have her thyroid removed.

But now Sile wants to focus solely on her Newstalk radio show instead of returning to RTE following her "interesting year".

She told the Irish Daily Mirror: "I'm really happy concentrating on radio for the moment and that's kind of where my energy is.

"I've had an interesting year so I'm happy to focus on the radio stuff." She added: "I feel really good. It's been an eye-opening year but I wouldn't change it for a second. It gave me time to reflect on myself.

"Getting a shock like I did tends to give you a kick. It makes you look at your life. It's been a blessing. I feel very fortunate and I'm appreciating things a lot more.

"It has given me a new perspective."

Sile revealed she feels her Newstalk show is like therapy at the moment but hates the fact people can see her on station webcams. She laughed: "With radio you kind of think you can come in wearing your PJs. Then you have webcams in studio so you can't really get away with it.

"I was initially all about the jammies and no make-up, then I realised the [camera].

Not so cool.

"I've actually asked them to turn it off the odd morning when I'm not really feeling it. But they won't.

"I love radio. I feel it's my two-hour therapy session on a Saturday doing some serious and some not-soserious items."

But Sile is still confused by the pandemonium after the release of radio figures which recently revealed her show getting a boost.

She admitted: "Because I'm only two years in the world of radio the figures still amaze me it is such a big deal.

"But it's not something I think about. You can't really. You just have to go out and do your show.

"Luckily we're building all the time and we're doing all right We had an increase of figures last time, which is lovely.

"But you can't get carried away because you don't know what you'll be like next time.

"You might be down, you might be up or you might be the same. So you just have to go, 'Grand, that's fine' and hope people like what you're doing and build on it."

The former afternoon TV star admitted she's glad RTE decided to commission the Today Show.

She added: "I think they really needed a daytime presence. There is an audience who want to feel involved so I'm delighted."

Getting a shock like that gives you a kick.. it makes you look at your life SILE SEOIGE


STRONGER J Sile Seoige
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 9, 2012
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