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For continuous quality control in hose and tube extrusion lines, Sikora lump detectors are just as essential as diameter measuring devices. The 2- and 3-axis lump detectors Lump 2000 XY and Lump 2000 T detect the smallest lumps and neckdowns on the product surface fast, precisely, and with high reliability.

By the use of a powerful signal processor, the number, height, depth, and length of the faults are evaluated. The combination of the double sensor technology (differential measuring principle) with infrared light sources ensures reliable fault detection, even under difficult conditions such as dirt or extreme vibration. The lump detector is sturdy, and due to its small dimensions, it can easily be installed in every extrusion line.

The setting of tolerance thresholds and the visualization of lumps and neck-downs are realized with Sikora's Remote 2000 or a processor system of the EcoControl series. Alternatively, the Lump 2000 devices can be directly integrated with the line control via various customer interfaces such as Profibus or universal field bus modules.

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Date:Jan 1, 2015
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