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Sikh in UN court!

Byline: MUHAMMAD AZAM MINHAS - Tatrinote , AK

History explains (explicitly) that impasse of Sikh community goes back to 1947; when, Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India promised for a separate State for them. Instead of that, this community is facing systematically genocide till-to-date. 1984 stands most fateful in history of Sikhs; when, Indian Army invaded 'Golden Temple'. In fact, this site is considered the holiest place on earth for them. No doubt, Sikh community is known as brave, hardworking, smart, hospitable, intelligent and inbuilt great sense of humour.

The People's Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) and People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) declared attacks on their place of warship in 2003 'as a well-planned-terrorism'. Their Holy Book 'Guru Granth Sahib' was torn-up (openly) in 2015. Sikhism, which promotes equality, compassion and tolerance, is the world's fifth-largest religion. Indian terrorist organization 'RSS' was/is working seriously since long to assimilate Sikhs into Hindu religion. The Indian text books are systematically equating Sikhism with Hinduism. The children in India are taught 'Sikhs are an inseparable part of Hindu society. And, Hinduism is a tree, whereas, Sikhism is fruit of that'!!

According to Hindu community of India, Sikhs are still children of lesser God. They are often seen less patriotic, stereotyped, untrustworthy, worst traitors and what not. Certainly; India is a Hindu-country (especially) under the leadership of Modi an International terrorist, according to Amnesty International. In the wake of Modi mantra 'reverse conversion' (Ghar Wapsi), is not only for Muslims and Scheduled Castes but also, Sikhs, could be, either brought back into Hinduism, or considered as an-inferior clan of them. So; Sikh community have their invariable right for claiming Sikh State from UN court, which will remain continue till liberation!!

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9INDI
Date:Jan 9, 2019
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