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Signed, Sealed and Delivered: MessagingDirect Offers Secure, Digitally Signed Direct E-business Solutions.

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MessagingDirect Technology Enables Companies to Conduct Legal Binding

Electronic Business Transactions

Restating its commitment to providing companies with unparalleled direct e-business transactions, MessagingDirect, today announced that its Commerce-Class Statement & Billing Solutions take advantage of the October 1, 2000 legislation that make digitally signed documents legally binding. These solutions are designed to provide companies with a means of issuing authenticated, non-reputable secure business information directly to customers via any end point i.e. e-mail, Web or mobile.

These solutions deliver secure, authenticated information directly to customers, and provide companies with a direct communication channel to conduct new and existing business. As a result, corporations can significantly increase the speed and quantity of their customer response, a pathway to return on investment.

"With digital signature technology, the speed at which transactions can be conducted will far surpass the limitations of traditional paper-based transactions that are presently being conducted," said Joyce Graff, analyst at GartnerGroup. "Today, everyone is clamoring for it as they recognize the return on investment inherent in adopting a technology designed to take advantage of the new digital signature law."

As of October 1, 2000, digital signatures are a legally binding proof of transactions. As a result, on-line business and electronic transactions will develop into a very prominent facet of the economy. Businesses that embrace this new form of business transaction will enjoy a strong position for the future. Specific industries that stand to profit significantly from e-business transactions will include: brokerages sending stock confirmations, quotes and reports; insurance companies sending policies, riders, quotes, claim forms or banks with mortgage documents, consolidated bank statements and credit card statements.

"The recent passing of the Digital Signature Act in the US not only reaffirms the significance of the digital revolution, it takes us one step closer to the ever evolving i-economy. We take pride in the fact that we've stayed on the forefront of this revolution from the very inception of our company," said Don Pare, CEO of MessagingDirect. "MessagingDirect offers companies and customers an unparalleled electronic transactions solution - guaranteeing that content arriving in their email inbox, which originated from a trusted party, has not been altered."

Additionally, MessagingDirect's Commerce-Class open-standards solutions also provide customers with:

1. Message Tracking Capabilities - Companies can track where bills are sent, as well as receive time-stamped delivery notices and read receipts.

2. Scalability - Companies can confidently issue large volumes of bills - up to 1 million individual electronic documents per server, per day.

3. Proven Interoperability - Customers are not required to install a new email client, purchase additional plug-ins or conform to any proprietary technology standards. Customers continue to send and receive email as they always have with the added assurance that their confidential documents are protected.

About MessagingDirect

MessagingDirect Ltd., the leader in direct e-business transactions, provides companies with commerce class, secure, and digitally signed solutions. These solutions connect customers/suppliers and partners and are designed to improve business efficiency, decrease cost, as well as grow and maintain a customer base. MessagingDirect is dedicated to supporting the evolution to a world with fully automated electronic business processes, or the i-economy.

Driving Internet standards since the early 80's, MessagingDirect has been a thought-leader and contributor in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)and the Internet Mail Consortium (IMC). In addition to chairing and participating on these committees for secure messaging and message tracking, our CTO & CSO have developed over 50 of the RFC's for messaging standards. MessagingDirect has offices in Edmonton, Canada, San Francisco, USA and Richmond, United Kingdom. For additional information on MessagingDirect, please visit its Web site at
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Date:Sep 7, 2000
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