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A Heart Segmentation Algorithm Based on Dynamic Ultrasound. Tian, Mingjun; Zheng, Minjuan Report Jun 17, 2022 4445
IMU-Based Respiratory Signal Processing Using Cascade Complementary Filter Method. Erfianto, Bayu; Rizal, Achmad Jun 17, 2022 6560
A Method Applied in Anomaly Detection of Impurities Adhering to Pipes of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter. Ren, Jianxin; Qin, Yixin; Yang, Peng; Zhang, Peng Jun 15, 2022 4820
Network Audio Data and Music Composition Teaching Based on Heterogeneous Cellular Network. Zhang, Qi Jun 13, 2022 7253
Intelligent Analysis and Classification of Piano Music Gestures with Multimodal Recordings. Chang, Xunyun; Peng, Liangqing Jun 13, 2022 6021
Socionext Introduces Ultra-compact 60GHz Radio-wave Ranging Sensor. Jun 6, 2022 467
Socionext Introduces Ultra-compact 60GHz Radio-wave Ranging Sensor. Jun 6, 2022 466
Socionext Introduces Ultra-compact 60GHz Radio-wave Ranging Sensor. Jun 6, 2022 458
Design and Implementation of Computer Network Virtual Experiment Education Teaching Platform Based on Mathematical Image and Signal Processing. Sun, Haoyue; Hao, Juan; Yang, Yang; Yin, Xinxin Report Jun 2, 2022 6377
DANC-Net: Dual-Attention and Negative Constraint Network for Point Cloud Classification. Sun, Hang; Zhang, Yuanyue; Shi, Jinmei; Sun, Shuifa; Sheng, Guanqun; Wu, Yirong May 28, 2022 6798
Five Growth Deal projects on 'red list' as costs rise. OWEN HUGHES North Wales reporter May 24, 2022 480
Rotating Machinery Fault Diagnosis Based on Adaptive Vibration Signal Processing under Safety Environment Conditions. Zhen, Jingran May 20, 2022 4831
FIVE GROWTH DEAL PROJECTS ON 'RED LIST' Affordability is now the 'biggest risk' due to inflation. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent May 18, 2022 473
Wearable Power Assistant Robot Sensor Signal Prediction Algorithm and Controller Design. Li, Gang; Ren, Guoheng May 14, 2022 9425
Centre finds new way to boost our broadband and mobile. May 11, 2022 276
Wearable Sensors with Internet of Things (IoT) and Vocabulary-Based Acoustic Signal Processing for Monitoring Children's Health. Nagwanshi, Kapil Kumar; Noonia, Ajit; Tiwari, Shivam; Doohan, Nitika Vats; Kumawat, Vijeta; Ahanger, Apr 28, 2022 7506
High-Performance Computational Recognition of Communication Signals Based on Bispectral Quadratic Feature Model. Chen, Yarong; Zhu, Rui; Guo, Jianxin; Wang, Feng Apr 26, 2022 7478
Research on the Weak Signal Extraction Method with Adaptive Stochastic Resonance Based on the Time Grid Sensor for PMSM. Wang, Hui; Wang, Fei; Liu, Hongxia; Xiao, Yanqiu; Shi, Guoning Report Apr 26, 2022 4693
Research on Open Oral English Scoring System Based on Neural Network. Wang, Xin Apr 23, 2022 5559
Real-Time Regulation Model of Physical Fitness Training Intensity Based on Wavelet Recursive Fuzzy Neural Network. Shen, Zhaoxin; Yang, Ying Apr 22, 2022 6030
Artificial Neural Network-Based Planting Arrangement of Smart City in Green Ecological Environment. Meng, Qingsong; Wang, Shufeng Apr 22, 2022 5077
Research on Fault Feature Extraction and Pattern Recognition of Rolling Bearing. Miao, Xiaobin Report Apr 21, 2022 5859
Music Feature Extraction Method Based on Internet of Things Technology and Its Application. Chen, Bo; Kou, Heung; Hou, Bowen; Zhou, Yanbing Apr 18, 2022 4659
The Fractional Hilbert Transform on the Real Line. Abdullah, Naheed; Iqbal, Saleem; Khalid, Asma; Al Johani, Amnah S.; Khan, Ilyas; Rehman, Abdul; Andu Report Apr 16, 2022 3315
Key Feature Extraction Method of Electroencephalogram Signal by Independent Component Analysis for Athlete Selection and Training. Huang, Zhongwei; Cheng, Lifen; Liu, Yang Apr 15, 2022 5283
Recognition, Processing, and Detection of Sensor Fault Signal Based on Genetic Algorithm. Wang, Wei Apr 13, 2022 4823
New Robust Tensor PCA via Affine Transformations and L[sub.2,1] Norms for Exact Tubal Low-Rank Recovery from Highly Corrupted and Correlated Images in Signal Processing. Liang, Peidong; Zhang, Chentao; Likassa, Habte Tadesse; Guo, Jielong Mar 31, 2022 8332
An EEG-Based Neuromarketing Approach for Analyzing the Preference of an Electric Car. Raiesdana, Somayeh; Mousakhani, Morteza Mar 18, 2022 12420
Mobile Performance Intelligent Evaluation of IoT Networks Based on DNN. Tang, Zhen; Fu, Xiaobin; Xiao, Pingping Mar 16, 2022 2725
Power Optimization of IRS-Assisted D2D System Based on Imperfect Channel. Chen, Yun; Zhang, Guoping; Xu, Hongbo; Ren, Yinshuan; Chen, Xue; Li, Ruijie Mar 12, 2022 4663
Gear Fault Detection in a Planetary Gearbox Using Deep Belief Network. Hao, Hu; Fuzhou, Feng; Feng, Jiang; Xun, Zhou; Junzhen, Zhu; Jun, Xue; Pengcheng, Jiang Mar 10, 2022 5938
CAES signs strategic partnership with Trident Systems. Mar 8, 2022 196
CAES signs strategic partnership with Trident Systems. Mar 8, 2022 194
'I spent half of my 45-year career in very large companies and corporations, which I think was too long': Carlos Lee, EPIC's director general, talks to Rick Mannello, CEO of Boston Electronics, which specialises in UV and IR detectors and signal processing electronics for photodetection. Lee, Carlos Interview Mar 1, 2022 971
Application of Improved Phase Lock Method in Weak Signal Extraction. Lou, Haiyang; Hao, Rujiang; Zhang, Jianchao; Xue, Qiang Report Feb 25, 2022 6321
Man-Machine Synergy Control for Pneumatically Powered Exoskeleton Based on Surface Electromyogram Signal. Jiang, Feilong; Liu, Hao; Li, Qingwei; Cao, Jian; Yin, Xiaoliang; Dong, Rui Report Feb 22, 2022 6237
New Robust Regression Method for Outliers and Heavy Sparse Noise Detection via Affine Transformation for Head Pose Estimation and Image Reconstruction in Highly Complex and Correlated Data: Applications in Signal Processing. Liang, Peidong; Likassa, Habte Tadesse; Zhang, Chentao Feb 18, 2022 8250
A Computationally Efficient Optimal Wigner Distribution in LCT Domains for Detecting Noisy LFM Signals. Wu, An-Yang; Shi, Xi-Ya; Sun, Yun; Jiang, Xian; Qiang, Sheng-Zhou; Han, Pu-Yu; Chen, Yun-Jie Report Feb 15, 2022 5343
Redefining of the Radar Cross Section and the Antenna Gain to Make Them Suitable for Surface Wave Propagation. Herbette, Quentin; Darces, Muriel; Bourey, Nicolas; Saillant, Stephane; Jangal, Florent; Helier, Mar Report Feb 1, 2022 6562
Deconvolution of Tc-99m-Mercaptoacetyltriglycine Renograms with the Concomitant Use of a Sparse Legendre Polynomial Representation and the Moore-Penrose Pseudo-inverse/Tc-99m-Merkaptoasetiltriglisin Renogramlarinin Seyrek Legendre Polinom Gosterimi ve Psodo-Invers Moore-Penrose Yontemlerinin Birlikte Kullanilmasiyla Dekonvolusyonu. Destine, Michel; Hanin, Francois-Xavier; Mathieu, Isabelle; Willemart, Bernard; Seret, Alain Report Feb 1, 2022 5488
A Multiple Sound Source Localization and Counting Method Based on the Kernel Density Estimator. Fang, Yuzhuo; Zang, Xian; Yang, Juan; Zhou, Hongcheng; Xu, Zhiyong Report Jan 29, 2022 7159
EEG-Based Multiword Imagined Speech Classification for Persian Words. Asghari Bejestani, M. R.; Mohammad Khani, Gh. R.; Nafisi, V. R.; Darakeh, F. Report Jan 19, 2022 8572
Low-Complexity LDPC Decoding Algorithm Based on Layered Vicinal Variable Node Scheduling. Benhayoun, Mhammed; Razi, Mouhcine; Mansouri, Anas; Ahaitouf, Ali Jan 19, 2022 6088
Intelligent Semantic Segmentation for Self-Driving Vehicles Using Deep Learning. Sellat, Qusay; Bisoy, SukantKishoro; Priyadarshini, Rojalina; Vidyarthi, Ankit; Kautish, Sandeep; Ba Report Jan 17, 2022 6440
Time-Frequency Properties of the Short-Time Linear Canonical Transform and Its Application. Huang, Lei; Sun, Qingying; Xi, Qian; Liu, Yuhu; An, Mengsheng; Zhou, Zihan Report Jan 10, 2022 5481
Feature Extraction of Ship Radiation Signals Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition and Energy Entropy. Li, Yuxing; Ning, Feiyue; Jiang, Xinru; Yi, Yingmin Jan 3, 2022 5031
A Spectral Approach for Time-Fractional Diffusion and Subdiffusion Equations in a Large Interval. Dehestani, Haniye; Ordokhani, Yadollah; Razzaghi, Mohsen Jan 1, 2022 6212
Wideband High-Reflection Chiral Dielectric Metasurface. Hu, Zhipeng; He, Nan; Sun, Yuwei; Jin, Yi; He, Sailing Jan 1, 2022 4781
VLSI Architectures of Booth Multiplication Algorithms--A Review. Hareesh, B.; John, Moses C.; Kantipudi, M.V.V. Prasad Jan 1, 2022 5542
A New Blind Source Separation Algorithm Framework for Noisy Mixing Model Based on the Energy Concentration Characteristic in Signal Transform Domain. Li, Jiong; Feng, Lu Dec 29, 2021 3233
Life Prediction Method of Remanufactured Machinery Equipment Based on Vibration Signal Feature Extraction. Li, Bin; Kui, Le; Luo, Jingdong; Chen, Shiyong Dec 20, 2021 6898
First project gets green light under growth deal. SION BARRY Business editor Dec 20, 2021 497
First North Wales Growth Deal project has been approved. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Dec 16, 2021 285
RadioVerse SoC Platform For Energy Efficient 5G Radio Units. Dec 14, 2021 247
RadioVerse SoC Platform For Energy Efficient 5G Radio Units. Dec 14, 2021 248
RadioVerse SoC Platform For Energy Efficient 5G Radio Units. Dec 14, 2021 237
Piscivorous Bird Deterrent Device Based on a Direct Digital Synthesis of Acoustic Signals. Aboltins, Arturs; Pikulins, Dmitrijs; Grizans, Juris; Tjukovs, Sergejs Report Dec 1, 2021 4792
Analytical Approximation Algorithm for the Inverse of the Power of the Incomplete Gamma Function Based on Extreme Value Theory. Wu, Shanshan; Hu, Guobing; Yang, Li; Gu, Bin Report Dec 1, 2021 5423
A Novel Approach of ECG Signal Enhancement Using Adaptive Filter Based on Whale Optimization Algorithm. Lakhera, Nidhi; Verma, Ar; Gupta, Bhumika; Patel, Surjeet Singh Report Dec 1, 2021 3234
Electronic Product Development: Transforming and improving lives. Paul Lambis Nov 28, 2021 868
Convolutive Complex-Valued Independent Component Analysis for Nonlinear Radar Signal Processing and Maritime Weak Target Detection. Ghahramani, Hamzeh; Parhizgar, Naser; Abbasi Arand, Bijan; Barari, Morteza Nov 11, 2021 9843
Weighted Reconstruction and Improved Eigenclass Combination Method for the Detection of Bearing Faults. Du, Zhengyu; Ma, Jie; Ma, Chao; Huang, Min; Sun, Weiwei Report Nov 10, 2021 4892
Crack Growth Signal Processing Approach Combining Wavelet Threshold Denoising and Variable Amplitude DCPD Technique. Ni, Chenqiang; Xue, He; Wang, Shuai; Fang, Xiurong; Yang, Hongliang Report Oct 27, 2021 6099
A Review of Methods of Diagnosis and Complexity Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Using EEG Signals. Ouchani, Mahshad; Gharibzadeh, Shahriar; Jamshidi, Mahdieh; Amini, Morteza Report Oct 27, 2021 12229
Uni details how DSP can boost the N Wales economy; Region could be centre of excellence for digital signal processing. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Oct 6, 2021 579
New Robust PCA for Outliers and Heavy Sparse Noises' Detection via Affine Transformation, the L[sub.∗,w] and L[sub.2,1] Norms, and Spatial Weight Matrix in High-Dimensional Images: From the Perspective of Signal Processing. Liang, Peidong; Likassa, Habte Tadesse; Zhang, Chentao; Guo, Jielong Sep 28, 2021 5660
Utterance Clustering Using Stereo Audio Channels. Dong, Yingjun; MacLaren, Neil G.; Cao, Yiding; Yammarino, Francis J.; Dionne, Shelley D.; Mumford, M Sep 26, 2021 4702
Multimedia Digital Signal Processing of Infrared Chemical Remote Sensing Based on Piecewise Linear Discriminant Algorithm. Gong, Meitao Sep 20, 2021 3108
The Frequency and Associated Factors of Asymmetrical Prominent Veins: A Predictor of Unfavorable Outcomes in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke. Wang, Yue; Xiao, Jingjing; Zhao, Li; Wang, Shaoshi; Wang, Mingming; Luo, Yu; Liang, Huazheng Sep 17, 2021 5661
A New Criterion for Exponential Stability of a Class of Hopfield Neural Network with Time-Varying Delay Based on Gronwall's Inequality. Guo, Faming; Luo, Ricai; Qin, Xiaolan; Yi, Yunfei Sep 13, 2021 4104
Enhancing Detection Performances of Nonhomogeneous Weibull Clutter by Knowledge Based Systems Exploitation. Rouabah, Abdellatif; Hamadouche, M'Hamed; Teguig, Djamel; Zeraoula, Hamza Report Sep 1, 2021 7294
A Review of Metasurface-Assisted RCS Reduction Techniques. Murugesan, Akila; Selvan, Krishnasamy T.; Iyer, Ashwin K.; Srivatsav, Kumar V.; Alphones, Arokiaswam Report Sep 1, 2021 13237
Multiple Sources Localization Based on Independent Doublets Array. Jiang, Jiacai Report Sep 1, 2021 5935
A Machine Learning Study on the Thermostability Prediction of (R)-? -Selective Amine Transaminase from Aspergillus terreus. Jia, Li-li; Sun, Ting-ting; Wang, Yan; Shen, Yu Report Aug 17, 2021 5293
A Refined Phase Unwrapping Method for High Noisy Dense Fringe Interferogram Based on Adaptive Cubature Kalman Filter. Liu, Wanli; Shao, Jian; Liu, Zhenguo; Gao, Yang Report Aug 10, 2021 6261
On the Role of Time-Frequency Analysis for Joint DOD-DOA Estimation for Bistatic MIMO Radars. Lakshminarasimhan, Yashvanth; Soundarapandian, Roshaan; Ponnusamy, Palanisamy Report Aug 1, 2021 5904
Efficient Feature Set Developed for Acoustic Gunshot Detection in Open Space. Sigmund, Milan; Hrabina, Martin Aug 1, 2021 4687
Cyclic Shift Based Tone Reservation PAPR Reduction Scheme with Embedding Side Information for FBMC-OQAM Systems. Shi, Yongpeng; Xia, Yujie; Gao, Ya; Cui, Jianhua Report Aug 1, 2021 8119
Mathematical Analysis Power Spectrum of M-ary MSK and Detection with Optimum Maximum Likelihood. Niu, Zheng; Jiang, Yuzhong; Jia, Shuyang; Huang, Zhi; Zou, Wenliang; Liu, Gang; Li, Yu Report Aug 1, 2021 5463
Blind Source Separation Based on Quantum Slime Mould Algorithm in Impulse Noise. Zhang, Zhiwei; Gao, Hongyuan; Ma, Jingya; Wang, Shihao; Sun, Helin Report Jul 29, 2021 8819
Signal Denoising Based on Wavelet Threshold Denoising and Optimized Variational Mode Decomposition. Hu, Hongping; Ao, Yan; Yan, Huichao; Bai, Yanping; Shi, Na Jul 14, 2021 8156
A New Hybrid Forecasting Model Based on SW-LSTM and Wavelet Packet Decomposition: A Case Study of Oil Futures Prices. Wang, Jie; Wang, Jun Case study Jul 13, 2021 9877
Joint Angle and Frequency Estimation in Linear Arrays Based on Covariance Reconstruction and ESPRIT. Chen, Shihong; Tao, Qingchang; Yang, Zhongtian; Wang, Xudong; Liu, Sijia; Xu, Wei Report Jul 9, 2021 6970
A Design Method of Sparse Array with High Degrees of Freedom Based on Fourth-Order Cumulants. Mei, Fengtong; Wang, Daming; Jian, Chunxiao; Wang, Yinsheng; Cui, Weijia Report Jul 2, 2021 6768
Convergence Theorems for the Variational Inequality Problems and Split Feasibility Problems in Hilbert Spaces. Lohawech, Panisa; Kaewcharoen, Anchalee; Farajzadeh, Ali Jun 3, 2021 4225
A Wideband Smart EMF Detector for Mobile Devices. Tekin, Ahmet Report Jun 1, 2021 2607
DOA Estimation of Mixture Signals Based on the PSA. Dong, Wen; Lu, Qianrong; Wu, Siyuan; Lei, Shujie; Pu, Bin Report Jun 1, 2021 4333
Enhanced Ultra-Wide Band Multistage Rectifier for Pulsed Signal Power Transmission. Moulay, Ahmed; Djerafi, Tarek Report Jun 1, 2021 4224
Some Generalizations of Frames in Hilbert Modules. Rossafi, Mohamed; Kabbaj, Samir May 22, 2021 4694
TECNO TAIVOS Lab: How can signal processing and AI Imaging build the ultimate selfie. May 18, 2021 686
BioSig Technologies looking to unlock the future of bioelectronic medicine. May 13, 2021 1918
Direct Position Determination with Single Sensor Based on Signal Periodicity. Wang, Cheng; Wang, Ding; Gao, Lu; Yang, Bin Report May 13, 2021 5651
Efficacy of an S-Shaped Air Inlet on the Reduction of Front Bistatic Radar Cross Section of a Fighter Engine. Chung, Shen Shou Max; Tuan, Shih-Chung Report May 1, 2021 8177
Bearing Fault Identification Based on Deep Convolution Residual Network. Zhou, Tong; Li, Yuan; Jing, Yijia; Tong, Yifei May 1, 2021 4158
Controlled Continuous ?-K-g-Frames for Hilbert C[sup.?]-Modules. Touri, Abdeslam; Labrigui, Hatim; Rossafi, Mohamed; Kabbaj, Samir Report Apr 29, 2021 5265
Kernel Regression Residual Decomposition Method to Detect Rolling Element Bearing Faults. Wang, Xiaoqian; Sheng, Dali; Deng, Jinlian; Zhang, Wei; Cai, Jie; Zhao, Weisheng; Xiang, Jiawei Apr 28, 2021 5265
COMSovereign Acquires Innovation Digital to Extend Wireless Signal Processing Capabilities. Apr 15, 2021 187
COMSovereign Acquires Innovation Digital to Extend Wireless Signal Processing Capabilities. Apr 15, 2021 162
Radial Undersampling-Based Interpolation Scheme for Multislice CSMRI Reconstruction Techniques. Murad, Maria; Jalil, Abdul; Bilal, Muhammad; Ikram, Shahid; Ali, Ahmad; Khan, Baber; Mehmood, Khizer Report Apr 13, 2021 8193
Detection of Fatigue Microcrack Using Eddy Current Pulsed Thermography. Zhang, Xiang; Peng, Jianping; Du, Luquan; Bai, Jie; Feng, Lingfan; Guo, Jianqiang; Gao, Xiaorong Apr 7, 2021 4141
BioSig Technologies looking to unlock the future of bioelectronic medicine. Apr 7, 2021 1384
Dynamic FPAA-based Mixed-Signal Processing Circuit for Thin-Film CdTe/Lead-Free Perovskite Photodetectors. Pandiev, Ivailo M.; Aleksandrova, Mariya P. Apr 1, 2021 6135
Marchenko Inversion of GPR Data for a 1D Dissipative Medium. Yang, Bingkun; Slob, Evert Report Apr 1, 2021 8238
A Prior Parameter Extraction Method for the Solution of Wide-Angle Electromagnetic Scattering Problems Based on Compressed Sensing. Wang, Daoping; Chen, Mingsheng; Cao, Xinyuan; Qi, Qi; Liu, Xiangxiang; Hu, Chundong Report Apr 1, 2021 3191
Orbital Angular Momentum Orthogonality Based Crosstalk Reduction. Tariq, Unaiza; Shahoei, Hiva; Yang, Guang; MacFarlane, Duncan L. Report Apr 1, 2021 3277
An Efficient DOA Estimation Method for Passive Surveillance System Based on Troposcatter. Mi, Xinping; Liu, Zan; Chen, Xihong; Liu, Qiang Report Mar 5, 2021 3655
Estimation of Number of Levels of Scaling the Principal Components in Denoising EEG Signals. Kumar, B. Krishna Report Mar 1, 2021 2638
Prediction of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep Behaviour Disorder using EEG Signal applied EMG1 &EMG2 Channel. Siddiqui, Mohd. Maroof; Jain, Ruchin Report Mar 1, 2021 2018
Reflection Budgeting Methodology for High-Speed Serial Link Signal Integrity Design. Allred, Richard J.; Furse, Cynthia M. Report Mar 1, 2021 7439
Efficient Elimination of False Detections due to Sea Spikes in Coherent Radars. Kononov, Anatolii A.; Kim, Dohyung; Choi, Sung-Hyun; Kim, Haksoo Report Mar 1, 2021 13135
A Dynamic-Weighted Attenuation Memory Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm and Its Application in the Underwater Positioning. Guo, Bo; Ma, Jianye; Wang, Cui Report Feb 26, 2021 5783
Automated Signal Quality Assessment for Heart Sound Signal by Novel Features and Evaluation in Open Public Datasets. Tang, Hong; Wang, Miao; Hu, Yating; Guo, Binbin; Li, Ting Report Feb 24, 2021 8207
A Parameter-Optimized Variational Mode Decomposition Investigation for Fault Feature Extraction of Rolling Element Bearings. An, Guoping; Tong, Qingbin; Zhang, Yanan; Liu, Ruifang; Li, Weili; Cao, Junci; Lin, Yuyi Report Feb 20, 2021 7884
Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Synthetic Quantitative Index-Based Adaptive Underdamped Stochastic Resonance. Li, Baochen; Tong, Rui; Kang, Jianshe; Chi, Kuo Report Feb 15, 2021 4744
Radar Emitter Individual Identification Based on Convolutional Neural Network Learning. Sun, Wei; Wang, Lihua; Sun, Songlin Report Feb 10, 2021 4172
Neural Network Optimization Method and Its Application in Information Processing. Wang, Pin; Wang, Peng; Fan, En Feb 8, 2021 6851
Realization of a Secure Visible Light Communication System via Chaos Synchronization. Liao, Teh-Lu; Chen, Chih-Yung; Chen, Hsin-Chieh; Chen, Yung-Yi; Hou, Yi-You Feb 8, 2021 3512
Strategic Elements' early-stage proof-of-concept works turns brain inspired hardware to robotics. Feb 4, 2021 451
An Improved Empirical Mode Decomposition Based on Local Integral Mean and Its Application in Signal Processing. Niu, Xiao-dong; Lu, Li-rong; Wang, Jian; Han, Xing-cheng; Li, Xuan; Wang, Li-ming Feb 2, 2021 12523
Adaptive Algorithm in Image Reconstruction Based on Information Geometry. Wang, Meng; Ning, Zhen Hu; Yu, Jing; Xiao, Chuang Bai Report Feb 1, 2021 5527
A Semi-automatic Heart Sounds Identification Model and Its Implementation in Internet of Things Devices. Jusak, Jusak; Puspasari, Ira; Kusumawati, Weny Indah Report Feb 1, 2021 8158
A New Analysis for Support Performance with Block Generalized Orthogonal Matching Pursuit. Xia, C. Y.; Zhou, Z. L.; Guo, Chun-Bo; Hao, Y. S.; Hou, C. B. Jan 30, 2021 3093
This Ross Webinar Is All About Audio, With Orban and Nielsen. Jan 22, 2021 201
Method for Identifying Stator and Rotor Faults of Induction Motors Based on Machine Vision. Wei, Lipeng; Rong, Xiang; Wang, Haibo; Yu, Shuohang; Zhang, Yang Jan 22, 2021 7224
Removal of Cochannel Interference Using Probabilistic Latent Component Analysis in Passive Bistatic Radar. Ying, Tao; Wang, Xuebao; Tian, Wei; Zhou, Cheng Report Jan 19, 2021 4500
Generalized Orthogonal Discrete W Transform and Its Fast Algorithm. Sun, Jichao; Zhang, Zhengping Jan 11, 2021 6937
Emotion Recognition of EEG Signals Based on the Ensemble Learning Method: AdaBoost. Chen, Yu; Chang, Rui; Guo, Jifeng Report Jan 5, 2021 7047
Hardware Enabled Acceleration of Near-Field Coded Aperture Radar Physical Model for Millimetre-Wave Computational Imaging. Sharma, Rahul; Yurduseven, Okan; Deka, Bhabesh; Fusco, Vincent Report Jan 1, 2021 9161
Conductivity Estimation by Characterization of the Anomalous Dispersion Region. Siddiqui, Omar Report Jan 1, 2021 3264
Advanced Progress on [[chi].sup.(3)] Nonlinearity in Chip-Scale Photonic Platforms. Kang, Zhe; Mei, Chao; Zhang, Luqi; Zhang, Zhichao; Evans, Julian; Cheng, Yujun; Zhu, Kun; Zhang, Xia Jan 1, 2021 24968
On Application of Taper Windows for Sidelobe Suppression in LFM Pulse Compression. Galushko, Volodymyr G. Report Jan 1, 2021 5706
Self-Calibration Algorithm with Gain-Phase Errors Array for Robust DOA Estimation. Wei, Zhenyu; Wang, Wei; Dong, Fuwang; Liu, Ping Report Jan 1, 2021 5439
Remote Human Respiration Detection Using Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radar Mounted on a Linearly Flying Platform. Rohman, Budiman P.A.; Nishimoto, Masahiko Report Jan 1, 2021 3497
A Dynamic-Weighted Attenuation Memory Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm and Its Application in the Underwater Positioning. Guo, Bo; Ma, Jianye; Wang, Cui Report Jan 1, 2021 5782
An Improved Empirical Mode Decomposition Based on Local Integral Mean and Its Application in Signal Processing. Niu, Xiao-dong; Lu, Li-rong; Wang, Jian; Han, Xing-cheng; Li, Xuan; Wang, Li-ming Report Jan 1, 2021 12521
A Two-Step Compressed Sensing Approach for Single-Snapshot DOA Estimation of Closely Spaced Signals. Wei, Shuang; Long, Yanhua; Liu, Rui; Su, Ying Report Jan 1, 2021 7011
Design and Implementation of English Listening Teaching Based on a Wireless Communication Microprocessor and Virtual Environment. Liu, Li Jan 1, 2021 7702
Design of Automatic Scoring System for Oral English Test Based on Sequence Matching and Big Data Analysis. Li, Ping; Zhang, Hua; Tsai, Sang-Bing Jan 1, 2021 6305
Performance Analysis of Vibration Sensors for Closed-Loop Feedback Health Monitoring of Mechanical Equipment. Xiao, Yue; Li, Yan; Chu, Changbao Jan 1, 2021 8525
Feature Extraction of Music Signal Based on Adaptive Wave Equation Inversion. Gong, Tianzhuo; Sun, Sibing Jan 1, 2021 7014
Using Nonlinear Diffusion Model to Identify Music Signals. Li, Qiang Jan 1, 2021 6663
Harmonic Differences Method for Robust Fundamental Frequency Detection in Wideband and Narrowband Speech Signals. Parlak, Cevahir; Altun, Yusuf Report Jan 1, 2021 11421
Accurate and Contactless Vital Sign Detection in Short Time Window with 24GHz Doppler Radar. Xu, Yu; Li, Qi; Tang, Zhenzhou Jan 1, 2021 5555
A Method of UWB Radar Vital Detection Based on P Time Extraction of Strong Vital Signs. Yang, Zhen; Cheng, Jiming; Qi, Qingjie; Li, Xin; Wang, Yuning Jan 1, 2021 5685
An Unsupervised Deep Feature Learning Model Based on Parallel Convolutional Autoencoder for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Main Reducer. Ye, Qing; Liu, Changhua Jan 1, 2021 6774
Level Detection Equipment for Measuring the Influence of Different Leveling Accuracies on Linear Error. Chen, Shao-Hsien; Ji, Chi-Li Jan 1, 2021 7652
Adjusting LQG with Noise Signals, PID Controller for Acrobot System. Danh, Nguyen Cong Report Jan 1, 2021 5045
A Novel Machine Learning Model for the Detection of Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures Using Electroencephalographic Signals Based on Chaos and Fractal Theories. Brari, Zayneb; Belghith, Safya Report Jan 1, 2021 4606
Multiset Canonical Correlations Analysis of Bidimensional Intrinsic Mode Functions for Automatic Target Recognition of SAR Images. Ding, Yong Jan 1, 2021 7597
Design of a Cryptographic System for Communication Security using Chaotic Signals. Leu, Jai-Houng; Sun, Jung-Kang; Chen, Ho-Sheng; Huang, Chong-Lin; Qiao, Dong-Kai; Lan, Tian-Syung; C Report Jan 1, 2021 3152
Construction of New Intelligent Teaching Scene Based on Multimodal Wireless Sensing Technology. Zhou, Lin Jan 1, 2021 5755
Development of Detection Equipment for a Polymerase Chain Reaction with a Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Reaction. Weng, Wei-Chien; Lin, Yu-Cheng Jan 1, 2021 3257
Kernel Regression Residual Decomposition Method to Detect Rolling Element Bearing Faults. Wang, Xiaoqian; Sheng, Dali; Deng, Jinlian; Zhang, Wei; Cai, Jie; Zhao, Weisheng; Xiang, Jiawei Report Jan 1, 2021 5265
Detection and Early Warning of Toxic Gases Based on Semiconductor Wireless Sensors. Feng, Lin; Wang, Jian; Chen, Ye; Ding, Chao Jan 1, 2021 7426
A Hysteresis Dynamic Mathematical Model Approach to Parametric Estimation System. Ponce de León Puig, Nubia Ilia; Acho, Leonardo; Rodellar, José Report Jan 1, 2021 4933
Radar Emitter Individual Identification Based on Convolutional Neural Network Learning. Sun, Wei; Wang, Lihua; Sun, Songlin Report Jan 1, 2021 4172
Method for Identifying Stator and Rotor Faults of Induction Motors Based on Machine Vision. Wei, Lipeng; Rong, Xiang; Wang, Haibo; Yu, Shuohang; Zhang, Yang Report Jan 1, 2021 7226
Removal of Cochannel Interference Using Probabilistic Latent Component Analysis in Passive Bistatic Radar. Ying, Tao; Wang, Xuebao; Tian, Wei; Zhou, Cheng Report Jan 1, 2021 4500
Emotion Recognition of EEG Signals Based on the Ensemble Learning Method: AdaBoost. Chen, Yu; Chang, Rui; Guo, Jifeng Report Jan 1, 2021 7047
Gear Fault Diagnosis Based on VMD Sample Entropy and Discrete Hopfield Neural Network. Ding, Jiakai; Xiao, Dongming; Huang, Liangpei; Li, Xuejun Dec 18, 2020 5820
Review on the Millimeter-Wave Generation Techniques Based on Photon Assisted for the RoF Network System. Xiao, Jiangnan; Zhao, Chuang; Feng, Xingxing; Dong, Xu; Zuo, Jiangli; Ming, Jun; Zhou, Ye Dec 8, 2020 7672
Denoising Method of MEMS Gyroscope Based on Interval Empirical Mode Decomposition. Liu, Yang; Chen, Guangwu; Wei, Zongshou; Yang, Juhua; Xing, Dongfeng Report Dec 8, 2020 6064
A Novel Radar Waveform Design for Anti-Interrupted Sampling Repeater Jamming via Time-Frequency Random Coded Method. Li, Ji; Luo, Xiang; Duan, Xingyan; Wang, Wei; Ou, Jianping Report Dec 1, 2020 3979
Short-Term Wind Speed Forecasting Based on Ensemble Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine and Bayesian Optimization. Quan, Jicheng; Shang, Li Nov 29, 2020 7239
BioSig Technologies looking to unlock the future of bioelectronic medicine. Nov 24, 2020 1345
Robust and Blind Audio Watermarking Algorithm in Dual Domain for Overcoming Synchronization Attacks. Wu, Qiuling; Qu, Aiyan; Huang, Dandan Nov 21, 2020 8695
A Novel ULA-Difference-Coarray-Based DOA Estimation Method for General Coherent Signals. Chen, Zhang; Wu, Hao; Liu, Yongxiang Report Nov 3, 2020 6202
Large-Scale Phase Retrieval via Stochastic Reweighted Amplitude Flow. Xiao, Zhuolei; Zhang, Yerong; Yang, Jie Report Nov 1, 2020 6507
Gaussian Source Coding using a Simple Switched Quantization Algorithm and Variable Length Codewords. Peric, Zoran; Petkovic, Goran; Denic, Bojan; Stanimirovic, Aleksandar; Despotovic, Vladimir; Stoimen Report Nov 1, 2020 5148
Robust Adaptive Beamforming Based on Interference-Plus-Noise Covariance Matrix Reconstruction Method. Bi, Yang; Feng, Xi'an; Guo, Tuo Report Nov 1, 2020 3878
Multistage Fault Feature Extraction of Consistent Optimization for Rolling Bearings Based on Correlated Kurtosis. Zhang, Long; Cai, Binghuan; Xiong, Guoliang; Zhou, Jianmin; Tu, Wenbin; Yu, Yinquan Oct 12, 2020 7689
Remaining Useful Life Prediction and Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearings Based on Short-Time Fourier Transform and Convolutional Neural Network. Zhou, Shuang; Xiao, Maohua; Bartos, Petr; Filip, Martin; Geng, Guosheng Oct 5, 2020 6791
Detection of Depth of the Tumor in Microwave Imaging Using Ground Penetrating Radar Algorithm. Selvaraj, Vanaja; Sheela, Joselin J.; Krishnan, Rahul; Kandasamy, Lalitha; Devarajulu, Sasirekha Report Oct 1, 2020 4416
Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Multilayer Domain Adaptation. Yang, Bingru; Li, Qi; Chen, Liang; Shen, Changqing Sep 29, 2020 5952
A New VP of Research and Chief Scientist Arrives at iZotope Inc. Sep 22, 2020 301
Multiple Sound Source Localization and Counting Using One Pair of Microphones in Noisy and Reverberant Environments. Fang, Yuzhuo; Xu, Zhiyong Report Sep 7, 2020 6852
Design of Ultra-High Gain Optical Micro-Amplifiers via Smart Nonlinear Wave Mixing. Asirim, Ozum E.; Yolalmaz, Alim Report Sep 1, 2020 6628
Application Analysis of Similarity Principle in the Design of the Underwater Receiving Antenna. Wang, Shiyu; Li, Lihua; Zhang, Yalun; Wang, Yongbin Report Sep 1, 2020 3104
Fast Spectral Approximation of Structured Graphs with Applications to Graph Filtering. Coutino, Mario; Chepuri, Sundeep Prabhakar; Maehara, Takanori; Leus, Geert Report Sep 1, 2020 12745
Online Topology Inference from Streaming Stationary Graph Signals with Partial Connectivity Information. Shafipour, Rasoul; Mateos, Gonzalo Report Sep 1, 2020 11887
An Improved Indoor Positioning Technique Based on Receiving Signal's Strength. Xue, Xingsi; Lin, Xiaoquan; Yang, Chaofan; Wu, Xiaojing Report Aug 31, 2020 7221
Channel and Feature Selection for a Motor Imagery-Based BCI System Using Multilevel Particle Swarm Optimization. Qi, Yingji; Ding, Feng; Xu, Fangzhou; Yang, Jimin Aug 31, 2020 6265
Sparsity-Based DOA Estimation with Gain and Phase Error Calibration of Generalized Nested Array. Feng, Ziang; Hu, Guoping; Zhou, Hao Report Aug 31, 2020 5446
An Interrupted Sampling Scattered Wave Deception Jamming Method against Three-Channel SAR GMTI. Chang, Xin; Dong, Chunxi; Weichen, Gao; Zhao, Yan Report Aug 31, 2020 5305
Robust Waveform Design Based on Bisection and Maximum Marginal Allocation Methods with the Concept of Information Entropy. Wang, Bin; Hao, Xiaolei Report Aug 31, 2020 8474
Applications of Fractional Lower Order Synchrosqueezing Transform Time Frequency Technology to Machine Fault Diagnosis. Wang, Haibin; Long, Junbo Report Aug 31, 2020 7395
Guided Wave Propagation for Monitoring the Rail Base. Yue, Guodong; Cui, Xiushi; Zhang, Ke; Wang, Zhan; An, Dong Report Aug 31, 2020 5188
Global Mittag-Leffler Stabilization of Fractional-Order BAM Neural Networks with Linear State Feedback Controllers. Yan, Hongyun; Qiao, Yuanhua; Duan, Lijuan; Zhang, Ling Report Aug 31, 2020 4107
Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Outsourcing of 2D-DCT and 2D-IDCT. An, Dezhi; Zhang, Shengcai; Lu, Jun; Li, Yan Aug 31, 2020 7179
Closed-Form Distance Estimators under Kalman Filtering Framework with Application to Object Tracking. Shin, Vladimir; Shevlyakov, Georgy; Jeong, Woohyun; Kim, Yoonsoo Report Aug 31, 2020 9412
A Novel Deep Sparse Filtering Method for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis by Acoustic Signal Processing. Zhang, Guowei; Wang, Jinrui; Han, Baokun; Jia, Sixiang; Wang, Xiaoyu; He, Jingtao Aug 31, 2020 5416
A New Hybrid Model for Underwater Acoustic Signal Prediction. Li, Guohui; Chang, Wanni; Yang, Hong Aug 31, 2020 9860
Shannon Energy Application for Detection of ECG R-peak using Bandpass Filter and Stockwell Transform Methods. Suboh, Mohd Zubir; Jaafar, Rosmina; Nayan, Nazrul Anuar; Harun, Noor Hasmiza Aug 1, 2020 5379
Effective Wavelet Algorithm for an Automatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation. Arvinti, Beatrice; Isar, Alexandru; Costache, Marius Aug 1, 2020 4948
LWS-Based Time-Domain Synthetic Algorithm with Constant Amplitude in Radar Transmit Waveform. Wang, Bin; Li, Shumin; Xin, Fengming Report Jul 31, 2020 7706
Design of Low-Power Structural FIR Filter Using Data-Driven Clock Gating and Multibit Flip-Flops. Touil, Lamjed; Hamdi, Abdelaziz; Gassoumi, Ismail; Mtibaa, Abdellatif Jul 31, 2020 4621
An ECoG-Based Binary Classification of BCI Using Optimized Extreme Learning Machine. Zhang, Xinman; Xiong, Qi; Dai, Yixuan; Xu, Xuebin; Song, Guokun Report Jul 31, 2020 8028
Improved Shrinkage Estimator of Large-Dimensional Covariance Matrix under the Complex Gaussian Distribution. Zhang, Bin Report Jul 31, 2020 3688
Feature Extraction of Double Pulse Metal Inert Gas Welding Based on Broadband Mode Decomposition and Locality Preserving Projection. Peng, Yanfeng; Wang, Zucheng; He, Kuanfang; Liu, Yanfei; Li, Qingxian; Liu, Liangjiang; Zhu, Xianyu Report Jul 31, 2020 7341
Code Design for Moving Target-Detecting Radar in Nonhomogeneous Signal-Dependent Clutter. Zhang, Jindong; Du, Yin; Yan, He Report Jul 31, 2020 7563
A Novel Non-DC Biased Intensity Modulated Indoor MIMO-VLC System Using Walsh Precoder. Muneer, P.; Thafasal Ijyas, V.P.; Abbas, Mohamed; Loukil, Hassen; Algahtani, Ali; Kessentini, Amir; Jul 31, 2020 5525
Multitask Convolutional Neural Network for Rolling Element Bearing Fault Identification. Mingxing, Jia; Yuemei, Xu; Maoyi, Hong; Xiyu, Hu Jul 31, 2020 5312
Investigating the Effectiveness of Adaptive Step Size LMS Algorithms for the Use with VOIP Applications. Hameed, Alaa Am; Ajlouni, Nairn; Orman, Zeynep; Ozyavas, Adem Report Jul 14, 2020 3803
West Coast Warehouse, Office Space Added By Group One. Jul 14, 2020 310
Smart Palm: An IoT Framework for Red Palm Weevil Early Detection. Koubaa, Anis; Aldawood, Abdulrahman; Saeed, Bassel; Hadid, Abdullatif; Ahmed, Mohanned; Saad, Abdulr Jul 1, 2020 7725
A Super Resolution and Highly Stable Technique for Direction of Arrival Estimation of Coherent Sources for mm-Wave Radars. Hussein, Amr H.; Mabrouk, Mohamed H.; Abdullah, Haythem H. Report Jul 1, 2020 7273
Miniaturized Twelve-Stubbed Microstrip Balun with Twelfth Higher Order Harmonic Suppression and Improved Bandwidths. Reddy, Vuppuloori Ravi Sekhara; Velidi, Vamsi Krishna; Rao, Bhima Prabhakara Report Jul 1, 2020 2694
A Discrete Nonlinear Tracking-Differentiator and Its Application in Vibration Suppression of Maglev System. Wang, Zhiqiang; Long, Zhiqiang; Xie, Yunde; Ding, Jingfang; Luo, Jie; Li, Xiaolong Jun 30, 2020 5443
Optimizations for FPGA-Based Ultrasound Multiple-Access Spread Spectrum Ranging. Segers, Laurent; Braeken, An; Touhafi, Abdellah Jun 30, 2020 16795
Nonhomogeneous Wavelet Dual Frames and Extension Principles in Reducing Subspaces. Zhang, Jianping; Jia, Huifang Jun 30, 2020 5218
Mathematical Representation of Color Spaces and Its Role in Communication Systems. Al-saleem, Riyadh M.; Hilali, Baraa M. Al-; Abboud, Izz K. Jun 30, 2020 3893
A Parallel Algorithm Framework for Feature Extraction of EEG Signals on MPI. Xiong, Qi; Zhang, Xinman; Wang, Wen-Feng; Gu, Yuhong Jun 30, 2020 4330
Damage Localization of Piles Based on Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform: Numerical Example and Experimental Verification. Zheng, Wenting; Wang, Sifan; Lin, Chengxu; Yu, Xianying; Liu, Jingliang Jun 30, 2020 5316
Subjective and Objective Quality Evaluation Study of BPL-PLC Wired Medium. Debita, Grzegorz; Falkowski-Gilski, Przemyslaw; Habrych, Marcin; Miedzinski, Bogdan; Polnik, Bartosz Jun 1, 2020 4027
A Low-Parasitic CMOS Transistor Structure for Wide Locking Range ILFD Design. Zhou, Hai Feng; Shum, Kam Man; Chan, Chi Hou Report Jun 1, 2020 1712
Research on Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Improved Majorization-Minimization-Based Total Variation and Empirical Wavelet Transform. Ou, Yangli; He, Shuilong; Hu, Chaofan; Bao, Jiading; Li, Wenjie May 31, 2020 5290
A method for determining intrinsic mode function number in variational mode decomposition and its application to bearing vibration signal processing. Wu, Shoujun; Feng, Fuzhou; Zhu, Junzhen; Wu, Chunzhi; Zhang, Guang May 31, 2020 6947
Harmonic Analysis via an Integral Equation: An Application to Dengue Transmission. Meththananda, R.G.U.I.; Ganegoda, N.C.; Perera, S.S.N. May 31, 2020 4365
Characterization of Nonstationary Phase Noise Using the Wigner-Ville Distribution. Levy, Chagai; Pinchas, Monika; Pinhasi, Yosef May 31, 2020 3753
Deep Learning for the Classification of Genomic Signals. Morales, J. Alejandro; Saldana, Roman; Santana-Castolo, Manuel H.; Torres- Cerna, Carlos E.; Borrayo May 31, 2020 4910
Xilinx Launches 20nm Space-Grade FPGA for Satellite and Space Applications. May 26, 2020 430
Xilinx Launches 20nm Space-Grade FPGA for Satellite and Space Applications. May 26, 2020 444
Xilinx Launches 20nm Space-Grade FPGA for Satellite and Space Applications. May 26, 2020 444
Thermal Imaging Fire Detection Algorithm with Minimal False Detection. Jeong, Soo-Young; Kim, Won-Ho May 1, 2020 6192
Characterizations of weaving K-frames. Bhandari, Animesh; Borah, Debajit; Mukherjee, Saikat May 1, 2020 3885
Research on a Low-Cost, Open-Source, and Remote Monitoring Data Collector to Predict Livestock's Habits Based on Location and Auditory Information: A Case Study from Vietnam. Ngo, Ha Quang Thinh; Nguyen, Thanh Phuong; Nguyen, Hung Case study May 1, 2020 10987
Variation of the Shape Parameter of K-Distribution for Sea Clutter with the Spatial Correlation of Sea Surface. Park, Junghoon; Kim, Donghoon; Kim, Donghwan; Kim, Sanghoek Report May 1, 2020 2306
A Computationally Efficient Modified MUSIC Spectrum for Resolving DOAs of Multiple Closely Spaced Non-Gaussian Sources. Ashok, Chandrasekaran; Venkateswaran, Narasimhan Report May 1, 2020 3622
Numerical Solution of a Class of Time-Fractional Order Diffusion Equations in a New Reproducing Kernel Space. Zhang, Xiaoli; Zhang, Haolu; Jia, Lina; Wang, Yulan; Zhang, Wei Apr 30, 2020 3948
Decode Brain System: A Dynamic Adaptive Convolutional Quorum Voting Approach for Variable-Length EEG Data. Xu, Tao; Zhou, Yun; Hou, Zekai; Zhang, Wenlan Apr 30, 2020 5413
Fault Mechanism of Fiber Optical Current Transformer Based on Signal Processing Method. Pang, Fubin; Huang, Qiang; Liu, Yu; Li, Peng; Kong, Xiangping; Song, Liangliang Apr 30, 2020 5506
A New Fault Diagnosis Method for Rotating Machinery Based on SCA-FastICA. Miao, Feng; Zhao, Rongzhen Apr 30, 2020 5071
Feasibility Pump Algorithm for Sparse Representation under Gaussian Noise. Miertoiu, Florin Ilarion; Dumitrescu, Bogdan Report Apr 1, 2020 3518
Variational Specific Mode Extraction: A Novel Method for Defect Signal Detection of Ferromagnetic Pipeline. Ju, Haiyang; Wang, Xinhua; Zhao, Yizhen Report Apr 1, 2020 8120
Simplified Polarization Estimation Using Co-Located Antennas. Li, Hui; Wu, Miao; Cheng, Yibo; Wu, Fei Report Apr 1, 2020 3575
Fringing Field Capacitive Smart Sensor Based on PCB Technology for Measuring Water Content in Paper Pulp. Morais, Flavio; Carvalhaes-Dias, Pedro; Duarte, Luis; Costa, Eduardo; Ferreira, Alexandre; Dias, Jos Mar 31, 2020 6915
FIR to FIR Model Reduction with Linear Group Delay in Passband by SDP Optimization. Hu, Haijiang; Song, Shaojing; Zhang, Fengdeng Mar 31, 2020 2725
Vibration Signal Analysis of Water Seal Blasting Based on Wavelet Threshold Denoising and HHT Transformation. Liu, Jiang-Chao; Gao, Wen-Xue Mar 31, 2020 7238
Analysis of NMR Spectrometer Receiver Noise Figure. Andris, Peter; Emery, Earl F.; Frollo, Ivan Mar 31, 2020 3692
Design and Implementation of a Musical Water Fountain Based on Sound Harmonics Using IIR Filters. Jasim, Ali M.; Mahmood, Jawad R.; Ali, Ramzy S. Mar 1, 2020 5488
Time Domain Equalization and Digital Back-Propagation Method-Based Receiver for Fiber Optic Communication Systems. Muhammad, Fazal; Ali, Farman; Habib, Usman; Usman, Muhammad; Khan, Imran; Kim, Sunghwan Mar 1, 2020 6505
S-Parameter-Based Defect Localization for Ultrasonic Guided Wave SHM. Nyikayaramba, Gift; Murmann, Boris Report Mar 1, 2020 6162
Ensemble Learning of Hybrid Acoustic Features for Speech Emotion Recognition. Zvarevashe, Kudakwashe; Olugbara, Oludayo Report Mar 1, 2020 13688
FDA Transmit Beamforming Synthesis Using Chebyshev Window Function Technique to Counteract Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures Signals. Nusenu, Shaddrack Y.; Basit, Abdul; Asare, Emmanuel Report Mar 1, 2020 3291
Ultra-Compact Balanced Multiband Fully Reconfigurable Bandstop Filter. Borah, Dubari; Borah, Dubari; Kalkur, Thottam S. Report Mar 1, 2020 3579
Shure achieves Microsoft Teams certification for its products. Staff Reporter Feb 9, 2020 170
Army scientist receives honors for signal processing research. Feb 1, 2020 378
GA-Adaptive Template Matching for Offline Shape Motion Tracking Based on Edge Detection: IAS Estimation from the SURVISHNO 2019 Challenge Video for Machine Diagnostics Purposes. Daga, Alessandro Paolo; Garibaldi, Luigi Report Feb 1, 2020 11697
Heavy Ion Induced Single Event Effects Characterization on an RF-Agile Transceiver for Flexible Multi-Band Radio Systems in NewSpace Avionics. Budroweit, Jan; Jaksch, Mattis; Alia, Ruben Garcia; Coronetti, Andrea; Kolpin, Alexander Technical report Feb 1, 2020 6541
5G research centre launching at M-SPARC. Jan 23, 2020 525
Design and Quantitative Analysis of Cancer Detection System Based on Fluorescence Immune Analysis. Shao, Lei; Zhang, Longyu; Li, Shilin; Zhang, Pengyuan Jan 1, 2020 6079
Development and Validation of a Photoplethysmography System for Noninvasive Monitoring of Hemoglobin Concentration. Liu, Hongyun; Peng, Fulai; Hu, Minlu; Shi, Jinlong; Wang, Guojing; Ai, Haiming; Wang, Weidong Jan 1, 2020 6216
A Morphological Filtering Method Based on Particle Swarm Optimization for Railway Vehicle Bearing Fault Diagnosis. Huang, Yan; Lin, Jianhui; Liu, Zechao; Huang, Chenguang Jan 1, 2020 7469
Elimination of End effects in LMD Based on LSTM Network and Applications for Rolling Bearing Fault Feature Extraction. Liang, Jianhong; Wang, Liping; Wu, Jun; Liu, Zhigui Jan 1, 2020 8042
Gaussian Regularized Periodic Nonuniform Sampling Series. Wang, Feng; Wu, Congwei; Chen, Liang Jan 1, 2020 2527
Processing Technology Based on Radar Signal Design and Classification. Ou, Jianping; Zhang, Jun; Zhan, Ronghui Jan 1, 2020 12393
Non Data-Aided SNR Estimation for UAV OFDM Systems. Li, Junfang; Liu, Mingqian; Tang, Ningjie; Shang, Bodong Report Jan 1, 2020 4646
Acceleration Signal Processing Method of Impact Response of Floating Shock Platform Based on Rigid Body Motion Model. Yao, Xiongliang; Zhang, Wenqi; Wang, Zhikai; Chen, Jin; Yang, Heng Jan 1, 2020 8007
Analysis of a New Hidden Attractor Coupled Chaotic System and Application of Its Weak Signal Detection. Luo, Wenhui; Ou, Qingli; Yu, Fei; Cui, Li; Jin, Jie Report Jan 1, 2020 7670
Effects of Adhesive Parameters on Dispersion Characteristics of Ultrasonic Guided Waves in Composite Pipes. Li, Juanjuan; Han, Yan Dec 31, 2019 4630
Central Plasticity of Cutaneous Afferents Is Associated with Nociceptive Hyperreflexia after Spinal Cord Injury in Rats. Lee, Hyun Joon; Malone, Patrick S.; Chung, Jumi; White, Jason M.; Wilson, Natalee; Tidwell, Jason; T Dec 31, 2019 10488
Emerson releases new flow measurement solution. Dec 12, 2019 478
Emerson releases new flow measurement solution. Dec 11, 2019 478
A Novel Nested Array Design for Direction of Arrival Estimation of Noncircular Signals. Si, Weijian; Peng, Zhanli; Hou, Changbo; Zeng, Fuhong Report Dec 1, 2019 4659
Radar Target Recognition by Frequency-Diversity RCS Together with Kernel Scatter Difference Discrimination. Lee, Kun-Chou Report Dec 1, 2019 3677
A Cascaded Convolutional Neural Network for Assessing Signal Quality of Dynamic ECG. Zhang, Qifei; Fu, Lingjian; Gu, Linyue Nov 30, 2019 7974
Advanced Signal Processing and Adaptive Learning Methods. Peric, Zoran; Delic, Vlado; Stamenkovic, Zoran; Pokrajac, David Nov 30, 2019 1071
Studying Cortical Plasticity in Ophthalmic and Neurological Disorders: From Stimulus-Driven to Cortical Circuitry Modeling Approaches. Carvalho, Joana; Renken, Remco J.; Cornelissen, Frans W. Nov 30, 2019 9401
Performance Study of Impact-Point Estimation Systems Using Two Types of Acoustic Sensor Arrangement Methods. Hur, Shin; Lee, EunJoong; Won, Jongseong; Lee, Duck-Gyu; Song, Kyungjun; Park, Kyusik Report Nov 30, 2019 4485
A Highly Effective Data Preprocessing in Side-Channel Attack Using Empirical Mode Decomposition. Zhang, ShuaiWei; Yang, XiaoYuan; Chen, Lin; Zhong, Weidong Nov 30, 2019 5117
A Fault Diagnosis Method for One-Dimensional Vibration Signal Based on Multiresolution tlsDMD and Approximate Entropy. Dang, Zhang; Lv, Yong; Li, Yourong; Wei, Guoqian Nov 30, 2019 12611
Research on Rolling Bearing Fault Feature Extraction Based on Singular Value Decomposition considering the Singular Component Accumulative Effect and Teager Energy Operator. Li, Longlong; Cui, Yahui; Chen, Runlin; Chen, Lingping; Wang, Lihua Nov 30, 2019 6378
Laser Doppler Signal Denoising Based on Wavelet Packet Thresholding Method. Zhang, Da; Liu, Ranglei Nov 30, 2019 4255
Live IP Broadcast Equipment Market 2019: Emerging Opportunities, Top Leaders Analysis, Size, Trends, Growth Rate, Share, Competitive Landscape, Latest Technologies and Forecast to 2025. Nov 19, 2019 1407
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Market to Witness Astonishing Growth with Key Players/ Texas Instruments, Infineon, Skyworks Solutions. Nov 18, 2019 1001
Ushio America Introduces the Theia[TM] Series, an Illuminator and Video Processor System for Microendoscopy Applications. Nov 15, 2019 408
DOA Estimation for Non-Circular Signal with Nested Array. Zhao, Jing; Liu, Sheng; Que, Sihuan; Zou, Qikui; Ou, Mengmei Report Nov 1, 2019 3087
Efficient High-Speed Strip-Mode SAR Raw Signal Simulator of Extended Scene Included Static and Moving Targets. Yang, Liang Report Nov 1, 2019 3651
A Sparse Representation Method for Coherent Sources Angle Estimation with Uniform Circular Array. Su, Xiaolong; Liu, Zhen; Liu, Tianpeng; Peng, Bo; Chen, Xin; Li, Xiang Oct 31, 2019 4332
PS6m centre can create digital 'Economic Zone'. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Oct 23, 2019 429
Biosignals 2020, 13th International Conference on Bio-Inspired Systems and Signal Processing (Valetta, Malta - February 24-26, 2020). Conference news Oct 7, 2019 263
Quality Evaluation of Voice Transmission Using BPL Communication System in MV Mine Cable Network. Debita, Grzegorz; Falkowski-Gilski, Przemyslaw; Habrych, Marcin; Miedzinski, Bogdan; Wandzio, Janusz Oct 1, 2019 2399
Scatterer Characterization Based on the Condiagonalization of the Sinclair Backscattering Matrix. Kouroupis, Georgios; Anastassopoulos, Vassilis Report Oct 1, 2019 6359
Wind Turbine Clutter Suppression for Weather Radars by Improved Range-Doppler Domain Joint Interpolation in Low SNR Environments. Yao, Xu; Shen, Mingwei; Wu, Di; Zhu, Daiyin Report Oct 1, 2019 3896
Integrated Antenna Technique for Cancelling the Self-Interference Signal in Full-Duplex Communication. Jasim, Ahmed A.; Sayidmarie, Khalil H.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Ali, Ammar Report Sep 1, 2019 4934
Analysis of the Imaging Algorithms for Shape Detection and Shape Identification of a Target Using Through-the-Wall Imaging System. Singh, Akhilendra P.; Dwivedi, Smrity; Jain, Pradip K. Report Sep 1, 2019 8030
Global Behavior of a New Rational Nonlinear Higher-Order Difference Equation. Ma, Wen-Xiu Aug 31, 2019 2274
Continuous *-K-G-Frame in Hilbert [C.sup.*]-Modules. Rossafi, Mohamed; Touri, Abdeslam; Labrigui, Hatim; Akhlidj, Abdellatif Aug 31, 2019 3052
Global Machine Vision Market Analysis, Top Companies, New Technology, Demand and Opportunity. Aug 9, 2019 654
Stand-alone Video Processors Market Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2018-2028 by FMR. Aug 8, 2019 1153

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