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Sigma-Aldrich acquires Iropharm to Expand cGMP capacity.

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation has acquired Honeywell International's Iropharm unit, a custom chemical synthesis business located in Arklow, Ireland. The addition of Iropharm will substantially increase SAFC's active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturing capacities, enabling the Company to better support drug development from early-stage through commercialization.

The Iropharm facility in Arklow is an FDA inspected cGMP manufacturing site with total reactor capacity of 90,000 liters. The plant features one of the few commercial scale simulated moving bed (SMB) multi-column chromatographic separation units in the world. Used to resolve chiral compounds from racemic mixtures into pure enantiomers, SMB capability is one of the fastest methods to obtain enantiomerically pure drugs, increasingly important as the demand for single-enantiomer drugs continues to grow.

"The acquisition of Iropharm fulfills our promise to add commercial-scale cGMP manufacturing capacity and continue our strategy of providing customers with state-of-the-art technologies to meet their custom API and intermediate needs," commented Frank Wicks, President of SAFC.

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Publication:Laboratory Equipment
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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