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Sight backwards?


Q: In the Oct. 2014 issue on page 41 you show a NY State Rolling Block Rifle. After comparing the rifle pictured with my rifle and checking the books on NY State Rifles it appears the rear sight in the rifle is on backwards.

Rick Blacow

via e-mail

A: You are correct. The sight has a unique (and I believe an aftermarket) windage adjustable elevator, and the staff has had new very fine elevation hashmarks impossible to see if the sight were mounted correctly. The obverse side of the staff has the coarse hashmarks of a military sight. I'm guessing the back of the original staff was modified for target shooting and then the sight reversed. Since the backside of the staff would be unmarked, the sight maker wouldn't have to remove the old markings first.

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Author:John, Jeff
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Dec 24, 2014
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