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Sievert's Guns.


SIEVERT'S GUNS 4107 W. Northern Avenue Pueblo, Colorado 81005

SI: Marcele, what's selling at Sievert's? MS: Hunting guns are starting to move. We're starting to see some people starting to come in, looking for their deer and elk rifles. This year so far there seems to be a lot of interest in the new Ruger guns. Stainless steel and the left handed models.

SI: Well that's because you specialize in the left handed, isn't it?

MS: Some. I mean, we do see a lot larger influx than a lot of places, due to the fact we cater to the left-handers. Again, though, it's a new item. People want to see it.

SI: Besides the Ruger, what else are they interested in?

MS: The Browning BLR long action. We've finally got those back from the recall. And people are coming in and looking at those too.

SI: The recall didn't turn them off?

MS: No. Not at all.

SI: What else is moving? Anything?

MS: Like I say, the long guns has been the major interest lately. Handguns have cooled off quite a bit. Sold some more .45 Win. Mags. I don't know what's going on. I just keep selling them.

SI: In the .45 Win. Mags what are you selling?

MS: AMT now. Grizzlies flattened out and I'm just selling AMTs.

SI: So it sounds like you're doing well in spite of the so-called recession.

MS: Every year it gets a little bit better. Summertimes used to be slow. Every year, like I say, getting better. If it doesn't, you go out of business. Summertimes we've had a lot more gunsmithing work. We've gotten through to people finally to bring in your guns during the summer so you don't have to get a rush job in the fall.

SI: But you said you've been selling a lot this year. You've been having a real good year.

MS: Sales have been really good. We've even sold quite a few of the long guns for hunting purposes. Your .243 and above calibers. In the summertime, which is unusual. Price-wise we've tried to keep competitive with the other companies locally. Try not to stock exactly what they stock, and that's important. Can't go ahead to head with them. So you're trying to actually have what other people are looking for that they're not going to find common.

About the Dealer . . .

The business was started by Fred Sievert over 22 years ago, and while the business has grown it is housed in a relatively small building of about 1200 square feet. The inventory inside is what makes the difference. Depending what time of year it is, they will have up to 4,000 firearms. We talked with Marcele Singleton.
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Title Annotation:interviews with firearms dealers on the hottest guns that are selling
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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