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Sierra's new .45 bullet.

* With new sports and challenges in shooting come new needs, and as such necessity is certainly the mother of invention. Unfortunately, most of our companies are absolutely swamped with normal production, and their time and funds for new products are extremely limited, making their ability to respond to all of the new products we would like to have far less than ideal. Three years ago, when my competitive career was at its peak and my knowledge of what it took to win was at a level where I truly understood what bullets I needed, I approached Sierra with the idea of making the "right" bullet for both self defense and competition. There just wasn't a good 200-grain .451 bullet on the market. Now many of the world's great pistol shots were using a 200-grain cast bullet, but I stayed away from lead bullets in serious matches because of the handicap the smoke generated by burning lube could present. While it wasn't often, sometimes the smoke from firing could appear to be a major fog obscuring the targets from view. This condition is especially bad in high humidity when you are shooting prone at a distant target, or in a close, small range where up to six shots might be fired with extreme speed. One could actually feel what the old black powder hunters felt when they fired and waited for the smoke to clear before they knew whether or not their shot had gone home.

Sierra Bullets (10532 S. Painter Ave., Dept. GA, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670) has just produced what I feel is the ideal .45 auto bullet. It is a flat point design; the nose is exactly like their 185-grain bullet that I have used in target matches for years. They have simply lengthened the bearing surface to get the 200-grain weight. It should be superbly accurate in any good pistol barrel, at least as accurate as it is in mine. Loaded atop charges of 5.5 to 6 grains of WW 231 (depending on the barrel length, bore finish and whether or not you have a compensator) it will make the international major factor easily. To get the best feeding potential and reliability it should be seated as far out of the case as possible and still not prevent the slide from closing. This length will vary depending on how your barrel is throated.

I really like this bullet, and will carry it for defense from now on. Actually the only better thing I can think of is if Federal could be convinced to load this bullet in a new match loading of their superb quality. Something like that just might induce me to come out of retirement, just to see how well it could be done again. Seriously, I would like to see our American shooting team armed with just that ammunition when they set out to defend the World Championship in 1986!
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Title Annotation:evaluation
Author:Seyfried, Ross
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:Feb 1, 1985
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