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Siemens Industry Inc.--Booths 134500,134502, 215004.

Siemens Industry Inc. offers a range of products, including the Sinumerik CNC hardware and software solution, covering basic milling and turning applications, multi-axis machining centers and automated work cells. In addition, its Mindsphere "software-as-a-service" concept enables users to gather, prioritize and access data in real-time. It also provides customizable software for maintenance operations. It is an open operating system, offering a platform for recording and analyzing large volumes of plant-wide production data. It suits predictive maintenance services, energy data management and resource optimization development. The company also offers motion control technologies and PLM services, a portfolio of CNCs, robotics integration and technology supporting additive processes.

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Title Annotation:GEAR: IMTS 2018
Publication:Automotive Design & Production
Date:Aug 1, 2018
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