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Siemens COM Microwave Division Selects Mocana for Its Device Security Needs.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Multinational Company to Use Mocana's Open Standards-Based Device Security Framework to Secure Remote Access and Management of Point-to-Point Digital Microwave Communication Devices

Mocana, a provider of complete open standards-based security solutions that are easy to use, flexible, and high performance, today announced that the Microwave Division of Siemens' COM Group has selected Mocana's SSH solution to secure remote access and management of the company's point-to-point digital microwave communication equipment. Siemens is the latest Fortune 1000, multinational company to select Mocana for its device security needs, further validating that for security conscious companies, Mocana is the clear choice to provide high performance, market hardened device security solutions.

The Microwave Division of Siemens' COM Group selected Mocana after a thorough source code evaluation. Mocana SSH is one component of Mocana's powerful and comprehensive device security framework, which covers the full range of wired and wireless environments and form factors, from thin edge devices to core network equipment with high performance and scalability demands. In addition to securing remote access and management of point-to-point digital microwave communication devices, Mocana's device security framework components will secure the delivery of firmware upgrades and updates.

"We strive to offer our customers more efficient technologies and innovative solutions," said Alberto Grazioli, Head of SW Development, Microwave Division, Siemens COM. "We chose Mocana to provide SSH for our point-to-point digital microwave communication devices because they are not only solving today's security problems, but are uniquely positioned to solve tomorrow's problems as scalability and performance become mission critical for us."

Mocana provides complete open standards-based security solutions that are small footprint, easy to use, flexible and high performance. They are architected with an asynchronous core to take full advantage of hardware acceleration if required. The modular Mocana Embedded Security Suite includes Embedded IPsec/IKE, Embedded SSL Server, Embedded SSL Client, Embedded SSH Server, Embedded SSH Client, RADIUS Client, Mocana's OS and CPU abstraction layer and Mocana's Hardware Acceleration Harness. Mocana's security framework also contains a FIPS 140-2 certified crypto library. Mocana's solutions are offered individually and bundled, all in source code format and are available for free, full source code and documentation evaluation at They integrate seamlessly with legacy systems and each other.

"We are very excited that Siemens COM -- Microwave Division has chosen Mocana for its SSH device security needs," said Adrian Turner, CEO, Mocana. "All security implementations are not equal, and many are not tested in the field at scale. Security conscious companies in the world continue to choose Mocana to secure their current and future devices and device communications, Siemens is in very good company."

About Mocana

Mocana develops industry-leading infrastructure software solutions for a Networked Society(TM), ensuring that wired and wireless devices, networks and services perform and scale with the utmost security. Security-conscious companies around the world such as Siemens, Nortel Networks, Symbol, and RADVISION rely upon Mocana's low-latency solutions to enable next-generation Internet scale products and services for voice, video and data networks. The Company is privately-held, and headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. For more information, visit To request a FREE full source code and documentation evaluation of Mocana's security solutions, visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 25, 2006
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