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Siebel pumps its manufacturing muscle. (In Other News...).

Siebel Systems Inc has announced that it has hit a major industry milestone and secured nearly 60% of global 500 industrial manufacturing companies as customers.

The San Mateo, California-based CRM market leader has won the business on the back of its market-specific Siebel Industrial Manufacturing solution.

Manufacturing has been one of the least obvious candidates for a CRM solution due to its B2B nature and the relatively small numbers of relationships manufacturers tend to get involved in. As a result, players in the sector have been slow to see the relevance and adopt CRM. The company said Siebel Industrial Manufacturing applications are being used to support after-market service, distributor collaboration, and product configuration.

The manufacturing sector could be a significant and much needed outlet for Siebel, which last month reported a 92% plunge in net income to $4.6m for the company's first quarter, on revenue that dropped 30% to $332.75m.

Neil Morgan, Siebel's VP of marketing for Europe said that one of the original drivers behind its UAN initiative was to provide integration with SAP back-end applications within manufacturing companies. He said the UAN application integration platform is being taken up by large numbers of manufacturing companies.

The company claims to work with more than 800 customers within the discrete manufacturing industry, which spans automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, high-tech, and industrial manufacturing.
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Publication:MarketWatch: CRM
Date:Jun 24, 2003
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