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Sideline is just the job for tackling debt.


The harsh reality is that there are only two quick ways of getting out of debt - to spend less money than you earn, or increase the money you have coming in.

Our family does a combination of the two. We keep an eye on what we are spending every week and are always looking at ways we can trim our expenditure - but we also keep our eyes open for "side hustles".

I sell on local Facebook pages and sometimes even on eBay. I'm not a "professional" seller, just a mum moving on old toys, books and clothes. Some weeks I can cover our supermarket spend from the money I earn on the side.

Teenagers can get in on the act too - occasional babysitting sessions, shopping for mum and random garden work all helps the teen tuck away a little for the days when he is going to be a poor student.

Mum friends have side hustles making cakes, crocheting gifts and filling up people's freezers with home-cooked foods. A PE Teacher on maternity leave is running baby yoga classes and taking people out to the park for buggy boot-camps.

Another hands over the kids at 6pm to her husband and heads off to a series of cleaning jobs all over the town. She is fond of saying "the job may be dirty but the money is clean." The debt is also disappearing.

It seems like in a recession everyone develops a second string to their bow. It's more common than ever to have friends who not only have a nine-to-five job but who have a five-to-nine gig too. Of course, you can't keep going full pelt forever - but I can vouch for the power of setting yourself a debt goal for your side hustle and getting to it. It's amazing how long you stick with something when you see the debt going down.

So what is your side hustle going to be?

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 18, 2016
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