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Sick video makers should be found and punished.

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I, for one, hope that the authorities are taking this video seriously. Torture of animals is a classic starting point for more serious offences. The fact that the perpetrator of this disgusting heartless act posted it on "Youtube" only shows how unashamedly depraved he his.If you look at the history of serial killers, you will see that many of them started their infamous careers on animals. Today this thug killed a chicken. Tomorrow it can be a dog and the day after a child.I implore the authorities to at the very least, track this person down and have them evaluated by a psychiatrist. There is no harm in this and will go a long way to protecting the public from a very disturbed person.



Re: 'Horror Movie' on today's cover. You've got to be joking. What the hell gets into people - even if they are kids? I can't imagine how someone gets to the point where they suggest doing something so awful as burning any animal alive - let alone videoing it and posting it on the web.Sick, sick, sickos! I'd live to blowtorch them!



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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Jul 28, 2008
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