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Sick of smoke.

My dad used to smoke. I nagged him about it for ages and was so happy when he stopped. But recently, I went on the back porch and saw a pack of cigarettes. I sat outside and cried for half an hour. Now, when he comes back in from feeding our dogs, I can smell the smoke. I cough when he hugs me, and his truck smells like smoke, too. I have asked my mom if she could confront him, but she hasn't I can't either. Please don't say write a letter. I want my dad to be there when I graduate college.

Dear Sick of Smoke,

It's really hard for people to stop smoking because it's such a horribly addictive habit. That's why it is so smart never to start In the first place. Rather than nag your dad, stay positive and tell him that you love him and are proud of him for smoking less and for not smoking Inside the house. Ask If there's a way you can help him cut back completely. No guarentees, but telling him that you love him and positive reinforcement beats nagging or feeling sad.

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Title Annotation:DeAr CaRoL; telling Dad to stop smoking
Author:Weston, Carol
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Date:Apr 1, 2011
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