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Sick of dog walkers.

MY property extends beyond my gate, having two very well kept lawns there.

I used to have lots of dog walkers who literally let their dogs do their mess. It took me years to get it stopped but it has started again with what appears to be new people in Lepton.

One morning I caught a man who was cleaning his dog mess up. He thought it was OK because he had cleaned it up.

Yes, it was very nice of him but when I pointed out to him I did not want it to do it on my property as it left a smell and dark brown patches of dead grass - not to mention germs that could be harmful to children (who often collect the cones that fall off my large pine tree) - he became angry and, like all people who know they are in the wrong, he walked away and refused to listen.

Don't stupid people like him have a brain that tells them dogs leave their smell and all other dogs follow suit and the area becomes a dog's toilet? Would these silly so and so's like other people's dog muck on their lawns.

I think not and if I wanted dog muck on my property I would have a dog of my own.

I am very elderly and disabled so perhaps this 'adult child' is no gentleman and couldn't care less.

Also, there was another pile of dog muck on my lawn that had not been cleared up which was probably just what drew the dog to that spot.

It is what dogs do, leave their own smell where other dogs have been.

These two offenders (the owners not the dogs) should hope my son doesn't catch them allowing their dogs to mess on our lawns.

He would have a lot more to say than I did.

Mrs J Addison Lepton

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Sep 20, 2016
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