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Sibra introduces a new light beer.

Sibra introduces a new light beer

The light beer category will finally shed its "weak and watery image" with the worldwide introduction of Cardinal Amber Light, according the Sibra Products, Inc., the beer's importer.

"Amber Light was developed to meet the needs of American light beer drinkers who perceive existing light beers as weak and watery but who were willing to forego taste to obtain the reduced calorie benefit," said Mark Cooper, executive vice president, Sibra Products, Inc.

Cooper added that Cardinal Amber Light represents a distinct niche in the U.S. beer market. The brand has been positioned as the "best tasting light beer" to take advantage of its unique taste, color and low calorie content.

"Cardinal Amber Light offers an island of relief within a sea of otherwise undifferentiated watery light beers," said Cooper.

A radio and print advertising campaign will launch the brand along with sales promotion and aggressive public relations. The tag "Color makes all the difference" will support the print effort.

"Our primary task is to bring consumers to the product for the first time because its unique taste and low calories will insure that they keep coming back for more," said Ken Heidelberg, president, Heidelberg Associates, Amber Light's advertising firm.
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Title Annotation:Sibra Products Inc., Cardinal Amber Light
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 30, 1989
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