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Sibling `Rivalry Rage' is Epidemic; 36 Million Acts of Aggression Yearly; and Parents are Urged to Go on the Offensive, Says Lorraine Friedman, Children's Rights Attorney.

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 30, 2002

"Sibling `Rivalry Rage' is epidemic in our society today. Parents are accountable because they don't spend the right kind and amount of time with children," says Lorraine Friedman (aka Rainey), a nationally respected children's rights attorney and pioneering author, who coined the term Sibling "Rivalry Rage."

The recent murder of a six-year old child in Texas by his siblings has blown the lid off a hidden American tragedy. The violence that tears at the core of the family unit is rampant - 53 out of every 100 children abuse a brother or sister. Parents think it's natural for their children to fight, but as evidenced by recent events, the fighting often gets out of hand. Rainey's research shows that when all types of mild aggression and extreme violence toward a sibling are considered, there's an estimated 36 million individual acts of sibling aggression each year.

Rainey says, "It's okay for children to `feel' jealousy, envy and other emotions. As loving parents we need to let children express their feelings through expression, not suppression ...interaction, not reaction. Parents must learn to truly listen to what their children are saying and experiencing and then guide them in developing their own problem solving skills."

"Parents can act now to stop Sibling `Rivalry Rage' through the three R 's - `Rhythm, Rhyme and Reason,'" Rainey explains.

"`Rhythm' means creating a pattern of sharing real time with our children, giving them 100 percent of our attention. `Rhyme' means really listening and creating a safe place for our children to talk through rather than act out feelings. And, `Reason' is using your brain to raise happy, healthy children with positive self-esteem by giving each child `alone time' with you, and ten times more positive reinforcement than negative."

Rainey's children's picture book, "Jerome's Jam" is a wonderful resource for parents and children to deal with the jealousy feelings of a new sibling. Jazz the Dream Dog(TM), the doggie with a magical rainbow tail, helps Jerome discover how fun it will be to help his new baby sister learn things he already knows. "More Love" is the companion music album to "Jerome's.

Jam" that features fun, uplifting Sing Along Songs that expand the story through music. Rainey's new book and album (DreamDog Press 2002) debuts at Book Expo America, May 3-5 at the Javits Convention Center in NYC.

Says Elaine Leader, PhD, director of Teen Line, a peer-to-peer counseling hot line at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, "Rivalry between siblings has become an accepted phenomena of family life. It is important to address this issue as soon or even prior, to the birth of a sibling. Any book that sheds light on this issue are welcome, and the rare one that really helps the children deal with the complexity of sibling-related feelings, such as Rainey's latest book, `Jerome's Jam,' are a find!"

"Jerome's Jam" and Rainey's previous book "Monsters in Your Bed...Monsters in Your Head" are also published in print Braille with overlays for parents and children with visual impairments in alliance with Clovernook Center for the Blind ( Media review copies are available from or 703.535.1545, and Rainey's Sing Along Songs can be previewed at

About Rainey and Jazz the DreamDog(TM)

Rainey is an inspiring author, children's rights attorney, and storyteller. As an attorney advocate she has fought for the rights of homeless and disabled children and founded Homeless Children's Awareness Day. She has been the guest of hundreds of radio and TV shows where she has inspired tens of thousands of parents to "open a dialogue with their children." `Jazz the DreamDog' was inspired by her own dog Jazz, a golden retriever/dachshund mix, who helped Rainey realize you can make a huge difference through the belief..."The Magic is in YOU!" TM Reach Rainey at or 703.622.0965.

About DreamDog Press

DreamDog Press publishes Jazz the DreamDog TM picture books, print Braille books, music CDs/cassettes, videos and activity books and interactive Web community - The DreamDog Foundation ( is the non-profit philanthropic partner of DreamDog Press that establishes partnerships with organizations that support disadvantaged children.

Statistics on sibling abuse from Dr. Vernon Wiehe, professor of social work, University of Kentucky
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