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Siber Systems Announces New Text Option For RoboForm Password Manager Multifactor Authentication Feature.

Users Can Now Receive a Text or Email to Activate Free Opt-In Authentication and Verify Trusted PCs, Laptops and Mobile Devices to Expand Secure Environment

FAIRFAX, Va., Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Siber Systems, Inc., maker of RoboForm, the world's most popular password manager, today announced that RoboForm users can now choose to receive a password via text message to verify trusted desktop, laptop and mobile devices for repeat use with the world's #1 password manager. The new option allows users to receive their one time password via text or email, making it easier than ever to add a new layer of protection.

Multifactor authentication is a security strategy that requires verification of the user's identity from more than one category, e.g., a master password from the user plus a one-time password issued by an independent source to a verified user account. The approach is becoming increasingly popular as people look for new ways to secure sensitive data. RoboForm Everywhere subscribers can utilize multifactor authentication protection for free on an opt-in basis, which enables them to expand the trusted environment for their passwords by verifying their personal laptops, PCs and mobile devices before accessing their RoboForm information.

"People are rightly concerned about the security of their sensitive personal information and financial accounts," said Bill Carey, Siber Systems VP of Marketing. "Hackers are becoming more sophisticated all the time, causing a record number of data breaches that can affect hundreds of millions of people. Our multifactor authentication option improves security by ensuring that only registered computers and mobile devices can access a user's RoboForm Everywhere account. By limiting the possibility of outside access to a user's account, we've created one of the strongest security solutions on the market today."

RoboForm users can opt-in to the feature from their RoboForm Everywhere account. After activation, the feature will send a one-time password via text message or to the user's registered email account the first time they log on from an unregistered computer or mobile device. The text or email will provide a unique code the subscriber can use to verify the device. Once the device is registered, it is approved for repeat use with the user name and log-in password. Users can also delete devices from the approved list any time.

RoboForm Everywhere allows users to securely log in to all their important websites - including banking, ecommerce and social media sites - from any computer or mobile device. It also syncs RoboForm data across all devices, including desktop PCs, Macs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. In addition to eliminating the need to remember and enter in dozens of usernames and passwords, RoboForm also stores identities, bookmarks and contacts.

RoboForm is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. To learn more about the multifactor authentication feature or to begin using RoboForm, visit

About Siber Systems: Founded in 1995, Siber Systems creates and markets software products for consumers and businesses around the world. Our software is highly acclaimed and has received numerous awards, including PC Magazine Editor's Choice, CNET's Best Software of the Year, and PC World's 25 Products We Can't Live Without. The company's flagship products, RoboForm and GoodSync, are used by millions of people worldwide, with registered customers in over 100 countries. GoodSync, an easy and reliable automatic file synchronization program, was released in 2006 and enjoys favorable reviews from users and the press. RoboForm has been solving password management problems quickly, easily and cost-effectively since 1999. As part of the company's strong commitment to customer satisfaction, its software comes with a risk-free trial. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Siber Systems is privately held.

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Date:Nov 10, 2015
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