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Siaya MCAs dismiss their MP's choice of Orengo as next governor.

Alego Usonga MCAs have dismissed as naive area MP Samuel Atandi's attempt to front Siaya Senator James Orengo as the region's next governor.

The MCAs, led by Township ward representative Obiero Otare, said Atandi is too junior in politics to give them political direction when his re-election in 2022 is not guaranteed.

The MP is on record saying that Orengo will be the Siaya governor in 2022 as he "is the only experienced politician in Siaya to take over from Cornell Rasanga as the next governor".

According to the MCA, there is no way a first time MP can purport to give them political direction when they have been in politics for more than a decade.

He was addressing over 2,000 ODM delegates at Duha Primary School.

Otare said, 'In Siaya, 2022 will be about the scorecard; we will inform our people to vet us according to development and not lip service.'

West Alego MCA Judy Okumu said they were not interested in Atandi's choice for governor in 2022.

'Some of us have not declared who should be the governor, but we are ready to support Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi if our MP persists that his favourite should be the one,' Okumu said.

South East Alego MCA Joseph Mboha called for consultative leadership to address development lapses in the county.

He said that Alego Usonga had the numbers to decide who will be the next governor of Siaya but at the right time.

Usonga MCA Sylvester Madialo said nobody should impose leaders on the Alego community.

'As the Alego community, we can decide to front another Alego son to replace Governor Cornell Rasanga. Let no one think he can impose leaders on us,' Madialo said.

The MCA said Rasanga should be picked as the regional governor in case the anticipated referendum suggests the position of the regional governor.

The ward reps said Rasanga is still young to exit the political scene.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Oct 7, 2019
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